Daily Archives: November 2, 2010

Sorting Through My Hallow’s End Loot

Hallow’s End is over, it closed up at midnight on October 31st.  And while I didn’t go all out to do things for Hallow’s End, I still ended up with a few cool items.

I did Trick-or-Treat and used the dungeon finder to slay the Headless Horseman at least once a day.

And while I did not get the coveted Horseman’s Reins, I did at least get the flying broom.  It only lasts a few days, but it is a cool mount and it summons instantly.

Vikund on the Broom

And I did get the Horseman’s Horrific Helm, which is not only a pretty good helm, but also lets you do the Headless Horesman’s laugh.

For This I Will Show Helm

And I even got one of the masks I was looking for.  But only one.  I am still one shy for the A Mask for All Occasions achievement.

One Shy...

Not bad I suppose.  But now I have to wait another year to try and knock out that final Hallow’s End achievement.

Oh, and I got about a half a dozen sinister squashlings and an equal number of hallowed helms, both of which I already had.

Ah well, maybe they will change up Hallow’s End a bit more next year.

A Facebook Ad Combo Attack

Ads for browser games on Facebook tend to follow a couple of common threads.  You have to grab people’s attention and tell them something compelling about your game in a Twitter-like word restricted format.

Lying is a popular formula.  We saw that with Dungeons & Dragons Online and their “No Download Needed” ad.

When I saw this gem this morning, I knew I had to post it.

Here we have a one-two punch of Facebook ad cliches.

First, the title, “Banned on Myspace.”

Being banned somewhere seems to have some allure to the advertiser end of the equation, though I am not sure why.  I’ve seen ads for games that have been banned, banned in Utah, banned for kids (as Facebook ought to be), or nearly banned.  Nearly banned?

But “Banned on Myspace” is a new one.  I didn’t think people got banned from Myspace as a punishment, I thought they were sent there as a punishment.

Does Myspace even have games?  How exactly was this game banned?

And then there is the “Most Addictive” whatever, another popular unsubstantiated claim for Facebook game ads.

Then we add in “No download needed,” which we’ve seen for games that did need a download, as I pointed out above.

Finally, there is the picture.  What is going on in that picture?  Is that a Kerra with a Santa hat squaring off against a red turtle with a club?  Or is it some sort of little red Power Ranger?  Is this picture even from the game in question.

Another classic Facebook ad.

Giants Win The World Series!

The Giants have done it at last.  They haven’t won a World Series since they were in New York, back in 1954.

I’ll even post their current logo.

As I said last week, I had two baseball hopes.  I have now lived to see them both.

Now maybe I’ll throw my support behind the Cubs.  They last won a World Series in 1908.  That’s a pretty long dry spell.