Giants Win The World Series!

The Giants have done it at last.  They haven’t won a World Series since they were in New York, back in 1954.

I’ll even post their current logo.

As I said last week, I had two baseball hopes.  I have now lived to see them both.

Now maybe I’ll throw my support behind the Cubs.  They last won a World Series in 1908.  That’s a pretty long dry spell.

5 thoughts on “Giants Win The World Series!

  1. coppertopper

    There was an out by out countdown going on between me and the Facebook friends list heh. Woot Giants!!!


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Stropp – Yes, the last time the Giants won the World Series, my mother was about my daughter’s current age.

    We went outside after the Giants won and you could hear people yelling, car horns honking, and fireworks going off. It was like New Years.

    Of course, we ran outside because our neighbor warned us that he would be setting off some rather unlawful fireworks he had stored away for just such an occasion. He even managed to find a couple of orange sky rockets.


  3. Kinzlayer

    now I can finally lay to rest my hatred for the ’89 series… that to me hurt more then the ’02 season, but above all, finally we can say we are CHAMPIONS!!!


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