Sixty Million Skill Points

Another 7-8 month window of time has elapsed and another 10 million skill points has accumulated on my main EVE Online character, Wilhelm Arcturus.

Since our wormhole space station expedition went bust for lack of an unoccupied wormhole, training is about all I have really been doing.  I have no other account active and I have been riding on PLEX purchased with ISK.  My biggest EVE event of late has been the Screenshot Contest.

I actually crossed the 60 million milestone a ways back (I’m at about 62.5 million at the moment), but haven’t gotten around to writing about it until now.  I did take a snap shot of EVE Mon at the magic moment, so I know where I stood at the time.

Tracking my skill points every 10 million interval has been a tradition and there are posts on the site for 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 million skill points.

Here is where I stand, or stood, at the 60 million skill point mark:

Spaceship Command: 9,806,622*
Engineering:       6,583,849*
Science:           6,331,167*
Gunnery:           6,300,315*
Missiles:          5,566,701
Learning:          4,805,843*
Drones:            4,753,666*
Trade:             3,271,765
Industry:          2,941,576
Leadership:        2,307,163*
Electronics:       1,853,203*
Navigation:        1,777,805*
Mechanic:          1,426,568*
Corp Management:   1,108,784*
Social:            1,015,932
Subsystems:          151,765

Total:           ~60,000,000

Asterisks indicate areas that changed since the last post.

The changes since the last post reflect an attempt to round out my skills to be able to fly all of the ships in my hanger effectively.  With my alt in cold storage, I transferred all his ships to Wilhelm who then had to learn how to fly a few.  So, for example, the Dominix is primarily a drone platform, and enjoyable one at that, so drone related skills saw a huge boost.

The total number of known skills went up by three, from 206 to 209.  Those three were in Spaceship Command.  I think I can now fly the battleships of the four player factions in the game.  The total skill distribution changed to:

Level 1:  1 skill
Level 2: 31 skills
Level 3: 34 skills
Level 4: 62 skills
Level 5: 81 skills

Level 5 skills took a big leap, going from 67 to 81.  When you are not playing actively and have a pretty loose agenda, you can find time for those 8-22 day skills.

And, of course, there is the Titan benchmark.  How many training days remain between me and flying the Caldari Titan?

This time around I am down to 68 days, a pretty big drop from the 92 days I stood at before, and 100 days down from the first time I calculated what it would take for me to buy and fly a Titan.

Of the 68 days remaining, 56 and a half of them are Capital Ships V.

Since there are only three remaining skills, Capital Ships, Jump Drive Operation, and Caldari Titan, I am going to guess I won’t be getting much closer to getting my license for one.  None of those skills figure in my immediate plans, whatever those might be.

And with Incursion coming along some time this month… maybe… there might be something new and interesting to try out in New Eden.

[It looks like Incursion now has a date… or several dates it seems.  The November release will be in January, essentially.]

4 thoughts on “Sixty Million Skill Points

  1. pkudude99

    Gratz on the milestone. I passed 50 million this past week or so myself, though I didn’t snap a shot of it or anything.

    Should I put in a fake whine about how since you’re 10 million SP ahead of me and that SP training is real-time based that I’ll never catch you and therefore never be as uber as you?


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