Daily Archives: November 13, 2010

Meanwhile, ZMud Runs Fine On Windows 7 Pro

Opting for Windows 7 Professional just about paid for itself.

ZMud, which according to Zuggsoft is absolutely not supported on Windows Vista or Windows 7, seems to run just fine once I opened up the properties for the ZMud executable and set the ZMud to run in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode.

Your Win 7 Pro Compatibility Choices

With that set, I was able to log in and wander around.  Triggers, scripts, buttons, and aliases all seemed to work fine.

Peeking at my TorilMUD Pally

Of course, I know and fully accept that if there is some incompatibility it will not be the fault of Zuggsoft and I have no expectation that I will get any help.

But opting for Windows 7 Professional cost me $40 more than Windows 7 Home, but it has saved me $30 already since I won’t have to buy a copy of CMud, the Zuggsoft replacement for ZMud for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Not that I would begrudge Zuggsoft the money.  But I already have two licenses for ZMud.  I’ve done my bit to support them.

So I am 1 for 2 tonight.

SOE, You’re Losing Me

With a fresh new system, less than a month old, I have been naturally keen to try old games as well as new.

World of Warcraft, runs like a champ.

Lord of the Rings Online, a fresh download install from Turbine runs flawlessly.

Likewise, grabbing the latest installer for EVE Online yielded a fine experience.

Heck, even Civilization V runs well on the new system.  Very well indeed.

And then I decided to try EverQuest II.  It is autumn after all, about time to go visit Norrath once again.

I did the digital download for the last expansion, so I decided not to drag out old CDs, but rather just let Station Launcher install it for me.

A foolish choice I suppose.

I let the install run over night earlier in the week.  10+ GB of data to download.

I went to try and run the game after that and I ended up with this.

And the Station launcher does try again… and again… and again ad infinitum probably if I let it.

Fine.  Maybe something went wrong with the download and install.  I let it download fresh again.

Another 10+ GB download overnight.

The next day, the same thing.

Okay, the backup plan with Station Launcher is just to launch the game executable directly.  So I went and found EverQuest2.exe and tried to launch from there.

That got me a new error.

Bleh.  This is because they felt they needed to build a browser into the game.  And you cannot just go and borrow that DLL from Firefox because it will then just say the next DLL it is looking for is missing.  And once you chase down the final DLL, it will become clear that these are not the DLLs you are looking for.

So I head off to the Station.com EQII Knowledge Base.

I search on “eq2ui_mainhud_tutorial.xml”,  no matches found for my problem.  There is an entry on what to do if I install customer UI elements and it screws things up, but I am not that far along.

I search on “xul.dll”, and again, no matches found at all.

This isn’t a problem SOE know about, or at least hasn’t gotten around to documenting.

Looking at general installation issues yields some information on what to do if I have a bad CD or DVD, but nothing to about my problem.

So I submitted a ticket explaining my issue, including the screen shots I have here.

That was, of course, and example of pure optimism.  Over the last decade I have gotten a response to about half of such tickets.  Not that I submit many, but that makes the fact that they seem to get routed to dev/null half the time more noticeable, not less.  And I hesitate to guess at what the percentage would be if I only counted responses that were at all helpful.

Searching for answers via Google was not all that helpful.  I ran into a couple of people who had similar issues, but there were no resolutions that I had not tried, aside from the standard response to all Windows 7 issues, which is to run the executable as the administrator.

No luck with that either.

I suppose I should learn that the idea of nostalgia is often better than the reality.

I think I’ll see if I can get ZMud to work under Windows 7.  If I’m going to face failure, I might as well do it against real odds with a program that is categorically not supported under the new OS.