Meanwhile, ZMud Runs Fine On Windows 7 Pro

Opting for Windows 7 Professional just about paid for itself.

ZMud, which according to Zuggsoft is absolutely not supported on Windows Vista or Windows 7, seems to run just fine once I opened up the properties for the ZMud executable and set the ZMud to run in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode.

Your Win 7 Pro Compatibility Choices

With that set, I was able to log in and wander around.  Triggers, scripts, buttons, and aliases all seemed to work fine.

Peeking at my TorilMUD Pally

Of course, I know and fully accept that if there is some incompatibility it will not be the fault of Zuggsoft and I have no expectation that I will get any help.

But opting for Windows 7 Professional cost me $40 more than Windows 7 Home, but it has saved me $30 already since I won’t have to buy a copy of CMud, the Zuggsoft replacement for ZMud for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Not that I would begrudge Zuggsoft the money.  But I already have two licenses for ZMud.  I’ve done my bit to support them.

So I am 1 for 2 tonight.

6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, ZMud Runs Fine On Windows 7 Pro

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Windows Home Pro? I don’t see that listed on Microsoft’s chart, nor do I see an OEM install disk available for for such a thing.

    And the Microsoft Windows 7 features chart shows only Professional and Ultimate have this feature.

    So I’m not sure what version you are talking about.

    Not that I don’t believe Microsoft could be wrong. I just don’t can’t see evidence of it.


  2. mbp

    Windows 7 Home Premium is what I meant and I assure you that it does have XP compatibility mode. I am running home pro now and I can see it.

    I think you may be mixing compatibility mode with virtual XP mode. Compatibility mode just tweaks some settings to allow an XP programme to run in Windows 7 which works fine most of the time. Virtual XP mode actually runs a complete copy of windows XP in a virtual machine. Since it is a fully working copy of XP there are no compatibility issues at all. Sadly XP mode doesn’t include 3D graphics support so it isn’t much use for 3D games but my guess it it would work perfectly for text stuff like Zork.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    You’re right, I was mis-reading what they meant by compatibility mode. Still, I needed to get Pro for some of the other features, so I was going with that no matter what, I was just going to be really happy if it paid for itself by making ZMud run.


  4. Xyd

    I think it’s admirable enough that you still run zMUD and connect to Sojourn, let alone that you conquered this money-saving advice for me.

    Now if you could save me money on my car insurance…


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