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Post-Cataclysm Norrath, 6 Years Later

The whole re-use of the idea of a Cataclysm is buzzing around in my head and will be good for a post at some point.  But right now I am not referring to the Cataclysm that will grip Azeroth in a few weeks, but rather the one we were presented in Norrath six years ago.

For a Cataclysm is part of the lore that makes up the history of EverQuest II.

The moon Luclin exploded, Antonica was ripped apart and became the shattered lands, and players venturing into the world were found it to be… well… less of a world than we left in EverQuest.

I did, at last, manage to get EverQuest II installed and was able to get into the game just in time for the 6 year anniversary of rolling up my first character, Nomu Stonemantle.  Thanks for the tips on my post about trying to install EQ2 again.  It only took two more attempts before everything worked.  Now it is nostalgia time.

Nomu, age 6

There is Nomu in Greystone Yard, the barbarian/dwarf ghetto in Qeynos.  He is standing in front of the Sigil Games Online logo the Stone of Kaladim that sits as a fountain outside the bank.

Speaking of the bank, there is one thing you cannot complain about in EQII: Bank storage space.  Look at all the bank storage to which Nome has access.

How Many Slots?

And that doesn’t even include the house vault.  There is enough storage space that Nomu has some pretty old stuff hanging around.

Unblemished What?

All those little brown flask icons… all the same damn icon, one of the many flaws of the early stages of crafting in the game… were once required for making potions.  Nomu has 3 world first discoveries from making low quality versions of obscure concoctions like Chamomile mixture, along with a couple dozen server first discoveries.

I should probably vendor the most of the contents of those two boxes.  I don’t think any of it has any value now.

And our guild was still there, formed the day after I made Nomu.

Knights of the Cataclysm

Again, cataclysm comes into play.

Nomu was a founding member of the guild, which was made up of a mix of a guild that came over from EverQuest and our TorilMUD guild.  His join date shows as a later date as, due to some guild politics, he was out of the guild for a stretch, then back in.  Hint: Don’t openly mock your guild leader’s choice of guild web site graphics, no matter how hideous or over-sized they may be.

Anyway, as part of the usual autumnal nostalgia, I’ll probably dig around in Norrath and see what I miss about the place and what I do not.  There are still three weeks left until the next Cataclysm, the one so many people are poised for, shows up.

The Setting of the Shattered Moon

And there is lots to see.