The Best Thing You Can Buy With Station Cash

Where the hell was this six years ago when SOE launched EQII with 24 classes and only 4 character slots?

This would have saved a lot of angst among the alt-loving portions of the player base.

6 thoughts on “The Best Thing You Can Buy With Station Cash

  1. pkudude99

    Since they had half price SC last week, I dropped enough to unlock my 5 already existing toons from when I used to be on the Station Pass thing, and 2 more besides — 1 to play with a friend on a different server, and 1 to be my “secret alt.”


  2. Stabs

    I bought 3. Buying a second box has morphed into opening a second free account which is also an option I’ve taken up but I want most of my play to be on the account I sub with as the sub brings several other benefits.


  3. Bhagpuss

    That Additional Character slot has only been added very recently, in the last month or two. Had it been there from the start, though, I would still probably never have used it, because I’ve been playing EQ, EQ2, and Vanguard regularly for years and dipping in and out of SWG and Free Realms.

    Consequently I got a Station Access account as soon as it was invented and since I also have played on Test as my main EQ2 server for most of the six years, I have always had enough character slots. It’s helped by the fact that I detest all the Scout classes in EQ2 and have never had the slightest desire to play any of them. Also I can’t abide elves or Fey races so those don’t need to be made either.

    With DCUO coming to Station Access as well, I can’t imagine cancelling the SA account any time soon. In fact, I’m using it as a “Gold” account on EQ2X to support my “Silver” account, which is the main one I’m playing. EQ2X has been quite successful in getting money out of me that SoE wouldn’t have seen otherwise, but I feel I’ve had great value for money.

    The real test comes next year when Rifts of Telara comes out. Mrs Bhagpuss has decided it’s going to be her next “focus” game and I’m keen too, so whether we can justify two subs to that plus two SA accounts that we will probably not play much for a while remains to be seen. I am guessing that our established “Silver” EQ2X accounts might come into their own then, giving us a free fix of EQ2 at will if we decide to drop the SA accounts for a while.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    As a player at launch, when they came up with Station Access a couple of months later, I got it just for the character slots. While I would occasionally indulge in some EverQuest sight-seeing, I probably bought 2 years worth of Station Access for just character slots.

    $10 character slots would have saved me quite a bit of cash, especially after SOE jumped the price up so that Station Access cost a penny more than simply running two concurrent subscriptions.


  5. Saylah

    EQ2X is also getting more than they ever have before from me too. Yesterday I couldn’t resist buying the 2nd Breakfast backpack and I didn’t need the space! I combined it with the freethinker hat and the orange citizen crate for a new tinkerer sort of look On my carpenter. *sigh* I really did try to resist.


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