Daily Archives: November 17, 2010

LOTRO Cash Shop Now Takes… Cash

Turbine sent me a note last week to inform me that I can now buy Turbine Points at Best Buy, GameStop, or Target.  Turbine has a page on their site about it.

Points plus bonus points... or something

$10 gets you 600 Turbine Points… or 750 Turbine Points, depending on whether you accept the logic that the extra points are really free or not.  1.67, or even 1.33 cents per point seems a bit steep to me.

But you have to pay for the convenience of being able to break open your piggy bank and run down to Target to buy virtual currency.

A couple of years back, the head of Nexon said (at GDC if I recall right) that getting these cards in the stores was a gold mine for both the company and the retailer.  But Nexon has cards at a lot more retailers than Turbine.

We’ll see if their cards are still available in a year I guess.  If they are, they were probably a success.

And I still think it was a mistake for Turbine to make LOTRO Turbine Points and DDO Turbine Points separate.

That Didn’t Take 14 Days

Not that I thought it would.

That got finished off the quest “The Great Challenge,” which I would put in air quotes if I were saying it aloud, and nabbed me the title “Knight of Bayle.”

Gold coins?  There isn’t anything worth having that costs less than a plat these days, judging from my last peek at the broker.

Okay, time to find my way to New Halas proper already.  The snow is blinding me.

And, for the record, by the time I hit 20, I was outrunning some of the quests in the zone.  A couple went gray before I could complete them.