LOTRO Cash Shop Now Takes… Cash

Turbine sent me a note last week to inform me that I can now buy Turbine Points at Best Buy, GameStop, or Target.  Turbine has a page on their site about it.

Points plus bonus points... or something

$10 gets you 600 Turbine Points… or 750 Turbine Points, depending on whether you accept the logic that the extra points are really free or not.  1.67, or even 1.33 cents per point seems a bit steep to me.

But you have to pay for the convenience of being able to break open your piggy bank and run down to Target to buy virtual currency.

A couple of years back, the head of Nexon said (at GDC if I recall right) that getting these cards in the stores was a gold mine for both the company and the retailer.  But Nexon has cards at a lot more retailers than Turbine.

We’ll see if their cards are still available in a year I guess.  If they are, they were probably a success.

And I still think it was a mistake for Turbine to make LOTRO Turbine Points and DDO Turbine Points separate.

5 thoughts on “LOTRO Cash Shop Now Takes… Cash

  1. wraith808

    “I still think it was a mistake for Turbine to make LOTRO Turbine Points and DDO Turbine Points separate.”

    I totally agree with that assessment. I was playing DDO f2p before LOTRO went f2p. Now I’m not playing DDO so much anymore. Why? Because of this delineation. And if I was playing DDO more, I’d be spending more money on it, most likely since I have a LT sub on LOTRO. I can’t get the logic behind it.


  2. Blue Kae

    I agree too about separating the points for the two stores. Possibly it’s something to do with licensing of the IP’s, but I actually think it’s because of the stipend lifers get. I don’t think Turbine wants a LotRO lifer to take their free points over to the DDO store and play it completely for free. Of course, there’s an argument to be made that it would give lifers a reason to buy additional points, so who knows what the real reason is. It could’ve been a technical incompatibility between the two stores.


  3. Blue Kae

    Forgot to mention…. I’m curious to see what Cryptic does when Champions goes F2P (or really freemium) in January. Right now Cryptic Points on your account are usable in either game’s store and Cryptic owns the Champions IP but licenses Trek.


  4. Jason

    Nothing about Lego Universe Online? I thought you would have tried that by now. I gave my beta key away but I haven’t heard much about it in the news


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I’ve been thinking about LEGO Universe, but really haven’t had the time to add another online game to the pile. Of course, I say this just after jumping back into EQII for a nostalgia run.

    Some day I’ll get to it.


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