That Didn’t Take 14 Days

Not that I thought it would.

That got finished off the quest “The Great Challenge,” which I would put in air quotes if I were saying it aloud, and nabbed me the title “Knight of Bayle.”

Gold coins?  There isn’t anything worth having that costs less than a plat these days, judging from my last peek at the broker.

Okay, time to find my way to New Halas proper already.  The snow is blinding me.

And, for the record, by the time I hit 20, I was outrunning some of the quests in the zone.  A couple went gray before I could complete them.

5 thoughts on “That Didn’t Take 14 Days

  1. pkudude99

    Heh. Once I hit level 10 on my latest “let’s check out the lowbie zones” toon, I set my slider to 90%.

    I’ve completed Timorous Deep and Darklight Woods both and was level 16 with 30 AA’s when I did that. I then went and bought a bunch of collections with the 4 plat I’d made selling all my garbage treasured at 5g apiece for the transmuters (and this was AFTER capping my own transmuting skill and buying 6 mottled leather backpacks) and even with the 90% slider still got to level 18 and 32 AA’s.

    I’m now running through the Frostfang Sea to see the quests, then I think I’ll go do Kelethin too, since I’ve never done those noobie quests before. I’ll probably hit 20 in Frostfang Sea, and then I can self-mentor in Kelethin, but we’ll see.


  2. pkudude99

    You know right after you take the raft over to the big island? Those living rocks or rolling rocks that are there a little to the east, and there’s a tunnel in the wall that leads directly up to New Halas, so you could go that way. Or if you’re following the quests and have been working your way around the north and west sides of the island, well. . . just run east. You’ll hit the docks and see the ramps going up in to NH in no time flat.

    The housing there is phenomenal looking. So’s the guild hall, for that matter. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all.


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