But It Says “Currency”

It seems odd to me that the currency tab in World of Warcraft shows all your currencies except for the one you probably think of when somebody mentions currency.

But how much do I have left with which to repair?

I know you can see how much gold you have elsewhere, but you would think that they would stick it on this tab as well, just for the sake of completeness.  It isn’t as though the tab lacks for space.

And, as always, there is no doubt a joke in there about spending ones honor like it was a currency.

4 thoughts on “But It Says “Currency”

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Nelson – While what you say is true, that this displays non-tradeable currency (but they are currency) the window says “currency” and ought to include all of your various currencies, no matter how convertible they are.

    I bet there was some long hallway discussion where somebody with the philosophical argument won because the person with the who was arguing “it is all currency” had to go to the bathroom, so left.


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