Daily Archives: November 24, 2010

Azeroth, It is a Changin’

It looks like the last big pre-Cataclysm patch went into World of Warcraft last night.

The world is indeed changed.

The instance group is now planning its return to this sundered Azeroth.

Three of us showed up last night in-game, unplanned, to start looking around.  Tourism rules.

Stuff in Darkshore Headed to Oz

Our current plan is to roll new alliance characters on Eldre’Thalas and to progress through the redone 1-60 content.

Some of us will, no doubt, need to roll a couple of new characters to be sure we don’t miss anything.

The patch was also, finally, enough to get my daughter out of the Cataclysm beta, where she has been playing since August, and into the real game.  (When do they turn off the beta?)  Suddenly she wants to be level 80 before the expansion comes out.

We shall see.

A Swashbuckler in New Halas

Okay, if I had known I was going to get a spiffy outfit like this as part of the New Halas quest line, I would have rolled a swashbuckler and not a peppermint berserker first.

Frozen Swashbuckler

Now if I could just use dyes as in LOTRO to change the colors.

Do you hear me SOE?  Dyes?  Could you manage that?

You managed that in EverQuest?  Remember that hot pink?  You don’t have to go that far.

You could sell them for Station Cash.  People would buy that.  I would buy that.

A Clue as to Who is Phishing? Do You Think?

I saw the title of this message in my inbox… the inbox on an account that I seem to get all my WoW related spam, but which is not the email address I use for WoW… and figured it was another phishing attempt.

Still, I am always looking for the most egregious abuse of the English language by spammers, so I took a peek at the prose.

An behold, it was not a phishing attempt!

Subject: World of Warcraft Account Administration

From: Blizzard Entertainment <wowacoountadmin@blizzard.com>

Dear customers and friends

[Gold Selling Site] is the professional power leveling company for games as WOW and other MMO’s. With a long history  and a solid ,strong technical force, we have the most professional power leveling skill, favourable after-sale service, and a very low price,100% safety with pure handmade.

With the coming of  World of Warcraft- Cataclysm, storeingame will have more discounts activities. Far more low price, together with consummate skill, absolutely cost & value to satisfy.

What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

Yours sincerely,

[Gold Selling Site]

It was from a gold and power leveling site instead.

Only it followed the very same pattern as almost every phishing attempt I get, with a bogus Blizzard subject and return address, and it was sent to the same email address as all the others.

Do you think, just maybe, that gold sellers are the ones stealing our accounts?

Okay, I guess we had all figured that out already, but it is nice to see a strong correlation to between the two just to remove any doubt.

You give these people your account information for power leveling and you can expect somebody to try and hack.

Safety with pure handmade indeed!