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Fellowship in a Wine-Dark Land

We were back in the far end of the Lone Lands again on Saturday night and exploring an area still relatively fresh to the whole group.  None of us have gotten very deep into Agamaur in the past.

We were a bit late getting started.  Impatient, Earl and Sigwerd went scouting ahead a bit and ended up defeated after taking a wrong turn.  The corner of Agamaur we were headed to is fellowship quest territory, so there are many elite mobs with which to contend.

The post title is an apt description

Earl and I actually didn’t start off too bad, but then a wandering elite interrupted our party and we tasted defeat.

In about the time it took us to get that sorted out and ourselves to a safe point from which to launch the evenings adventure, Garfinkel and Enaldie showed up, so our group for the evening was:

  • Earlthecat – level 29 dwarf Guardian
  • Garfinkel – level 30 elf Minstrel
  • Sigwerd – level 31 human Champion
  • Enaldie – level 31 elf Rune Keeper

Our first task was to get ourselves into our target area.  Therein we found a little camp with a couple of additional quests, we picked up those quests and headed out.

Around the fire of the unlikely outpost

And promptly faced defeat.  Again.

There are three elite water elementals on the path to where we needed to head and, it seems, if you pull the front and center of the three, you get the whole bunch.

Pull this one, get all three

That proved to be about one elemental too many and we panicked, fell apart, and were defeated without managing to slay a single one of them.  Not an auspicious start to the evening.

Fortunately there people who could revive Earl and I, who had recently used up our free revive, still had theirs.

We did find that we could sneak around them.  The picture above is obviously taken from the bypass.

We also found that the back two can be pulled individually, at least from the steps behind them with an accidental proximity pull.  We were fighting on those steps.

Earl runs ahead to pull another bad guy

And mid-fight, Enaldie stepped a little too far back and we got an elemental add.  However, by that point we were starting to get back into the rhythm of battle and were able to take a single elite add in stride.

Things went along smoothly from that point.  Smoothly enough that I was able to turn off the UI at times when I should have been fighting to take some screen shots.

Stubborn elite...

...stomped by fellowship maneuver

You can see that a patrolling mob has walked up behind Garfinkel and clouted him a good one.  It did not do him much good however and he was quickly dispatched.

The area was hostile enough, with mobs powerful enough, that we had to use care threading our way through the ruins.  Along the way we picked up the items and drops we needed for several quests while tracking down the main guy we were after, Temair the Devoted.

The way was circuitous and we ended up having to back track at several points as we navigated our way through the ruins.  The in-game map and quest tracker give you a general idea where you need to go without providing too much detail, a mixture that balanced nicely in this set of circumstances.

Have we been down this way already?

We did eventually find our way to Temair, who turned out to be an elite master mob, which is sort of and open-world boss level of difficulty, if I remember correctly.

About to test Temair's devotion

The trick with Temair, it seemed, was that around his raised, circular dais roamed several elite patrollers who seemed to respawn with unnatural speed.  We killed them all twice over before we finally thought we had hit enough of a pause to go in after Temair.

The fight with Temair, while he was a handful, was never in doubt.

Battling Temair

We didn’t hold back and managed to get him down before the next respawn got to us.

Then it was time to work our way back out and to the camp where we started.  Along the way, Earl hit level 30.

Earl hits 30, spawns a tree

A long while back I complained that LOTRO was pretty subtle in its marking of levels.  You used to just get something in your chat window with the message “Your level has changed to 30.”  Now though, levels get a bit of pizazz, and round levels, like 30, get an extra special flare.

We threaded our way home, collecting the last few drops we needed along the way.

Then it was time to travel a bit, to close out a couple of quests.

First we headed to the opposite end of Agamaur to steal a vase from some undead.  What did they need with it anyway?

Vase in hand, surveying the route back

Then it was time for a trek south across the breadth of the Lone Lands into the camp at the south end of Harloeg.

Riding into Harloeg

There we turned in our final quest and called it a night.

And, in turn, we might be calling it a wrap in Middle-earth, at least for the time being.

The shattering has occurred in Azeroth.  The Cataclysm expansion is just days away.  The fifth member of the group, who was out all summer as the realities of both moving and having a new child in the house kept him busy, is ready and eager to return.

There could be one more Saturday in Middle-earth, but it seems more likely that we will be back in WoW figuring out the composition of the next version of the group and  sightseeing around the various zones to see what has changed.

But Moria will have to wait for another time.