November in Review

The Site

I changed the theme of the site for only the second time since I started it.

And, as happened last time, I changed it back about 30 minutes later.

So, if you happened by the site at one point last week, or last night when I put the theme back up to take a screen shot, you might have seen this.

Pilcrow Theme… Whatever a Pilcrow is

I didn’t like the font.  And the way the side bar looked.  And a few other tiny details that began to gnaw at mean within minutes of changing to the theme.

I’m going to have to buy the CSS editing option from and just alter this theme to change the minor details I don’t like.  Yeah, that won’t be opening up a can of worms or anything.

One Year Ago

I was writing about how I had not changed the blog format since I started.  Sound familiar?

Last year our Thanksgiving entertainment was Rock Band 2.  While I was really bad at it, it was a lot of fun.  This year we played Super Mario Bros. Wii, which I am also really bad at, but which isn’t nearly as much fun.  However, the kids liked it.  I rode along in a bubble most of the time.

And while Tech Crunch was exposing the odious practices favored by Mark Pinkus to get FarmVille and Mafia Wars profitable, the New York Times was gushing over this wonderful new virtual goods market, which I summarized and provided links to here.

The first LEGO Harry Potter game was announced, which I had anticipated would come to pass almost two years before it was announced.

Warhammer Online announced that levels 1-10 were going to be free, making me wonder if they were just going to breed a mass of level 1 twinks.  I think that is what the end result was.

In EVE Online, PLEX was off to a booming start.  The price of a PLEX has settled down some since then.  Meanwhile, the first Hulkageddon was on and even I noticed something was amiss.  Eventually somebody pointed me in the right direction in the comments.

I wondered if fishing was really the secret ingredient for MMO success.

I got all nostalgic for Star Trek because of Star Trek Online’s impending release.

WoW and EQII both hit their five year anniversaries.  Then I had the temerity to say that there were things that EQII didn’t do very well in my opinion.

On the WoW end of things, somebody was suing because they felt the game wasn’t easy enough.

Then there were Mr. T Mohawk grenades and a 24 slot Portable Hole, outrages both.  And then there were $10 vanity pets.

I wrote a very short post about Pilgrim’s Bounty which went on to become the most viewed post on the site this November.

And the instance group started in with Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns and Deadmines on the RP-PVP server.  Actually PVP occurred since we had to walk to the Deadmines.  We get called griefers for daring to engage in PVP on a PVP server.

New Linking Sites

I would like to thank the following site for linking here.

Please take a moment to visit them in return.

Most Viewed Posts for November

None of which I posted in November of this year.

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Most Common Search Terms in November

  1. pilgrim’s bounty cooking
  2. zombrex
  3. elf porn
  4. turbine points
  5. the ancient gaming noob
  6. guild names
  7. pilgrims bounty cooking
  8. lego x-wing
  9. wow account hacked
  10. thorin oakenshield
  11. lego x wing
  12. blood elf porn

People want their elf porn, their X-wings, and their Pilgrim’s Bounty cooking advice.

Search Terms of the Month

one does not simply tank cat into mordor
[Tank cat?]

boggle faerun
[The official Forgotten Realms word game]

hilarious turkey pictures
[Really? You got here with that?]

EVE Online

I was getting ready for Incursion this month, since it sounded like it had some interesting PvE stuff as part of the expansion.  And then it got delayed.  And while I understand why it got delayed, I was hanging around explicitly for that.  Now I’m PLEX’d out to the end of December and all I’ll likely do is train during that time.

Well, I can always figure out where I want to put those 4.8 million skill points I’ll be getting when learning skills go away.  That and look at the new salvage ship.  That part of Incursion we’ll get early.  I probably won’t buy one though, as new ships in EVE are always over priced.


Tourism.  A once a year thing.  Visited a few of my characters.  Looked at some old haunts.  Stuggled with the keyboard layout.

EverQuest II Extended

I have been impressed with EQII Extended.  It is nice to be on a server with large and active population that includes a large group of new players.  Of course, because I have Station Access, I am in there as a Gold member.  We’ll see if my enthusiasm remains when I drop down to Bronze. (Hey, SOE, why can’t I buy the Silver option when I am Gold but planning to let me Station Access expire?)

Lord of the Rings Online

The reduced instance group has had a great run in Middle-earth over the summer.  We rolled up a new group and followed the epic quest line to the very end of the Lone Lands and into level 30, avoiding the North Downs almost completely. (Aside from that journey to Trestlebridge quest that Frederic the Edler has that we all did on our own just to get rid of that nagging ring over his head.)  We did not make it to Moria, though we’re closer than we have been in the past.

I wouldn’t mind continuing in LOTRO, but the missing member of our group is back and since he would have to catch up to us at level 30, he was not very enthusiastic.  So it will be back to Azeroth instead.

I’ll still peek into Middle-earth though.  The joys of a lifetime subscription.

Pokemon SoulSilver

Did I mention that I completed the National Pokedex?  In your face Ash!

That finished up Pokemon SoulSilver for me.  Now we rest and wait for Pokemon Black and White this springs.

Total Annihilation

This game is 13 years old and is still fun to play.  Clearly one of my three favorite RTS games of all time.

World of Warcraft

Cataclysm in one week.  It is almost here.  The sundering patch has changed the game world, and the game, in many ways.  There will be much to explore and experience, both in the 1-60 levels as well as 80-85.

Not sure what we’ll do about 60-80 though.  Northrend is fun… and now remote, what with the portals all gone and having to actually travel… but the Burning Crusade?  How can I say this nicely?  It’s not you Kil’jaedan, it’s me.

Coming Up

Probably too much stuff about Cataclysm.  Really, I’m sorry in advance if you hate it, but that is where the instance group is headed.

With a week left before Cataclysm, there is still some time for EverQuest II Extended.  I have at least one more post left on the subject.

And the end of the year is nearly upon us.  I am going to have to go back and look at all that nonsense I predicted back on January 1st.  Did any of those people move to Canada?  My only hope is a last minute announcement of the cast of the Warcraft movie.

3 thoughts on “November in Review

  1. Bhagpuss

    “(Hey, SOE, why can’t I buy the Silver option when I am Gold but planning to let me Station Access expire?)”

    Really good question.

    I never wanted to make a new Silver account. I wanted to play my SA account AS Silver. I asked on the EQ2X boards about four or five times both in beta and just after launch and never got a response, even when Smokejumper seemed to be there 24/7.

    I really think that if you are paying for a tiered service you should get the option to select which of the tiers up to your payment level that you wish to use at any given time. Apparently, though, if you go all-you-can-eat it means you have to eat everything.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Station Access has always been a bit of an odd bird. You could upgrade to it and it would convert the pro-rated remains of your current, standard subscription into credit towards Station Access. But if you wanted to go back to a standard subscription, you had to cancel Station Access, let your account lapse, then resubscribe.

    Silver access is just a flag. I think I should be able to buy the token for it even if I am currently a Gold level subscriber.

    I can, however, upgrade to a Platinum level account. I’m not sure who would want to have Station Access and Platinum at the same time, but you at least have the option and it is as odd as having Gold and Silver access at the same time.


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