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WoW 6th Anniversary Card

World of Warcraft turned six… last week… on November 23rd.   But the card finally arrived in the mail today.

I realize that you guys in Anaheim have been busy with that whole Cataclysm things, but the date was marked on the calendar with fat red marker.

Many Happy Returns of the Day

Last year we got a pet dragon in the mail.  And a “being there” achievement.

This year we only got dragon references.

I suppose I shouldn’t feel disappointed, but I am not alone there.

Happy Anniversary World of Warcraft!

I suppose I will have to be content with the team redoing the whole original game experience.

Thanks for that!

Amazon.com – All Video Game Gold Box Event – Dec. 1

Amazon.com sent me an email this afternoon:

Dear Amazon.com Customer,

Customers who have shopped Video Games might like to know that on Wednesday, December 1, 2010, the Amazon.com Gold Box will feature video game products for gamers all day long.

All Video Games Goldbox Event.  Starting midnight Pacific time, Wednesday, December 1, 2010.



I have long been a fan of Amazon.com, back from the days when they were all about books.

I think my first purchase from them was in 1997.  That seems like a long time ago.

But I have never really been a fan of their Gold Box deals, mostly because I rarely find anything in said box that I would consider buying no matter how steep the discount.

Still, I will have to take a peek and see what they have in on sale.

But It Says “Currency” (Part II)

A lesson in software.

If one company does something silly, like label a window “currency” and then fail to show what most people think of as currency in that window, it might be an error.  So this World of Warcraft panel, it might have been a mistake.

Do I have any coins?

But if two companies do it, then it is an industry standard.  EverQuest II proves that this is the way the industry is going.  Plus now EQII players can gripe about how WoW stole something else from their game!

Coins are not currency, go away!

Yes, we have a new industry standard here.

In fact, there are probably a couple of such standards when you compare the two windows.

Meanwhile, Lord of the Rings Online has obviously screwed up.

This should clearly be called "currency"

When will Turbine learn?