But It Says “Currency” (Part II)

A lesson in software.

If one company does something silly, like label a window “currency” and then fail to show what most people think of as currency in that window, it might be an error.  So this World of Warcraft panel, it might have been a mistake.

Do I have any coins?

But if two companies do it, then it is an industry standard.  EverQuest II proves that this is the way the industry is going.  Plus now EQII players can gripe about how WoW stole something else from their game!

Coins are not currency, go away!

Yes, we have a new industry standard here.

In fact, there are probably a couple of such standards when you compare the two windows.

Meanwhile, Lord of the Rings Online has obviously screwed up.

This should clearly be called "currency"

When will Turbine learn?

5 thoughts on “But It Says “Currency” (Part II)

  1. mbp

    Ah but you have to remember that Lotro has a tradition of eschewing the more ususal mmorpg terminology. Instead of guilds we have kinships, instead of groups we have fellowships, instead of health we have morale and so on.

    Clearly Turbine had the foresight to anticipate that “currency” would become the more usual word for a … eh … barter wallet and therefore decided to buck convention and confuse us all once again by just calling it a plain old “barter wallet”.


  2. PJ

    Currency is the tools with which you buy something. It doesn’t have to be gold pieces. It could be brownie points. As long as you’re buying something with it, then, IMO, it’s currency.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @PJ – Yes, but why would you exclude the one item that people think of immediately as currency, coinage, from that window? I am not arguing that these items are not currency, but that they are leaving something out that quite clearly is.


  4. Bhagpuss

    They used to call these things “alternative currencies” back in EQ, I seem to remember.

    Looking at the screenshots, the key factor seems to be that EQ2 and WoW both use tabs on a main window while LotRO uses a separate window. I imagine SoE and Blizzard went for “Currency” as a simple, single word that fits on a tab.

    I think it would be quite annoying if your basic coins went into the tabbed/windowed version. I prefe rmine as it is. But then, I preferred it when we had “actual” coins that we could drop on the ground and see there, in different colors depending on what metal they were made of.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Bhagpuss – I think the coins should show up in the currency window in addition to where it currently shows up. Given how much space both games have in their currency windows, it isn’t like it would take up space needed for something else.

    And it should show up in a couple of other windows as well, like the broker window.


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