WoW 6th Anniversary Card

World of Warcraft turned six… last week… on November 23rd.   But the card finally arrived in the mail today.

I realize that you guys in Anaheim have been busy with that whole Cataclysm things, but the date was marked on the calendar with fat red marker.

Many Happy Returns of the Day

Last year we got a pet dragon in the mail.  And a “being there” achievement.

This year we only got dragon references.

I suppose I shouldn’t feel disappointed, but I am not alone there.

Happy Anniversary World of Warcraft!

I suppose I will have to be content with the team redoing the whole original game experience.

Thanks for that!

9 thoughts on “WoW 6th Anniversary Card

  1. stargrace

    We did also get a “being there” achievement this year, if you check your achievements. Although I too am a little disappointed that 1. the card was late and 2. nothing fancy this time around unlike last years pet.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I guess we did get an achievement. I didn’t see that pop up. But then they redid a lot of the achievements. All my exploration achievements got reset to last week.


  3. elleseven

    Doesn’t surprise me I guess considering they didn’t give a pet for the Winter Olympics. I got the dragon during the Beijing Summer games and I was hoping for something Canadianesque for the Winter games.


  4. elleseven

    Im a Vancouverite playing on a US server. The spirit of Competition dragon was won by doing BGs during the Olympics, also a special tabbard. It is the most beautiful pet in terms of colour I have. I won it on two toons.


  5. him

    I’ve read so much whine about no gift, it’s so… uhhh.

    For starters, when it’s your birthday, do you give people presents? No? And yet you want Blizz to?

    Secondly, it’s not “the usual” – they’ve given pets twice out of 5 years.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @him – Blizz is not a personal friend but a business to which I and a lot of other people give a considerable amount of money on a regular basis. When it celebrates an anniversary (not a birthday) it is not unreasonable if they choose to acknowledge it (which they did) that they do something for their customers.

    That they started a tradition of giving out pets on the fourth anniversary was up to them. That they stopped this year was also up to them, but it should come as no surprise that people went “Aww, no pet?”

    And, if this were LOTRO, I would totally expect gifts from somebody at their birthday. It is the hobbit thing to do.


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