Warcraft World Tour allows you to be more happy, presented prizes!

Or so the subject line of this latest phishing attempt read.

But, in a change up, the pitch was presented much more graphically than usual.

Be more happy!

We Acknowledge A Mistake!

The apparent premise of this phishing attempt is that, somehow, Blizzard has deleted my account and cannot recover it.  Yeah, right.

So Blizzard has created a new account for me with 20,000 gold coins (pshaw! a mere pittance these days!) and the always useful for phishing attempts X-53 Touring Rocket, spelled correctly this time.  Of course, the link to the account heads to a URL with the word “batt1e” in it, Blizzard always going with leet speak for their URLs.

The dead give-away in the attempt?  The line “we acknowledge a mistake.”  When was the last time you heard a customer service rep say that without having to pile on the evidence ad nauseum?  I think it is standard procedure in all call centers to get supervisory approval to use any phrase like that.

Meanwhile, the email service that these phishing attempts have been landing in is reporting to me that there have been a lot of failed logon attempts for my account.

Coincidence?  I think not.

2 thoughts on “Warcraft World Tour allows you to be more happy, presented prizes!

  1. *vlad*

    Their English still sucks, though! Well it’s all a bit of a laugh, but I’m sure there are kids playing the game who will press on these links.


  2. kaozz

    LOL trial created. I guess there are those who will fall for these, it’s one of the more flashy ones, still horrible. A good attempt for a laugh!


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