Gold Box Win for Me

I mentioned yesterday that was having an all gaming related Gold Box event.  I was interested to see what they would put up as specials over the course of the day and if there would be anything I really wanted.

Well, there were some interesting items, and some less than interesting. had one main item up on special all day, Just Dance 2 for the Wii, then a series of hour long specials throughout the day which ran until either time ran out or they ran out of stock.

Items that ran the full hour

  • Plants vs. Zombies for the XBox 360 (71% of stock claimed)
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for PS3, XBox 360, or PC (49% of stock claimed)
  • Disney Sing It! (with microphone) for Wii (41% of stock claimed)
  • Turtle Beach Ear Force X11 for XBox 360 or PC (47% of stock claimed)

Items that sold out

  • Wii Party (all stock gone in 20 minutes)
  • Nintendo DSi XL in Midnight Blue ($30 off list, was sold out when I check 2 minutes into the sale)
  • DSi XL Accessory Kit
  • PS3 160GB w/ Ratchet & Clank and SingStar Dance Party +$50 credit ($299)

Of course, they do not tell you how many items were in stock.  There might have been 10,000 copies of Need for Speed and only a dozen DSi XLs available.

But all that matters in the end is that there was exactly one item on my wish list that was part of the sale.

And I checked in just in time to get them.

I have, for the last couple of years, traded between my excellent Plantronics model 510 USB headphones, which hurt my admittedly large ears after a couple of hours, for instance night and a pair of big Aiwa HP AK-100 cans, off the ear, open air, very comfy headphones, for all occasions that did not require me to speak. (I’ve had them for a decade and have never found another pair nor any other headphones that combine comfort a decent sound so well.)

But when I saw these Turtle Beach X11 gaming headphones at Best Buy a few weeks back, I thought they had potential.  They had a pair you could try on, and they seemed to be quite cozy.  The demo showed they had decent sound, though who knows how that will translate when they are hooked up to my PC.  And we’ll have to see how well the microphone works.

So the Gold Box deals got me at least one item I was looking for at a discount.

1 thought on “ Gold Box Win for Me

  1. SynCaine

    I have Turtle Beach headphones (HPA2 model), they are flat-out amazing. It’s like having a 5.1 system around your ears (they don’t use the normal headphone jack, but the three normal 5.1 inputs + mic).The mic is very solid as well, never had an issue with it and it comes across very clear on vent.


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