Another iPad Arcade Tease

Remember that April Fool’s Joke over at ThinkGeek?  The iCade?

This is just a dream...

Well, that immediately came to mind when I was looking at the Brookstone catalog last night and saw they had a Pinball Magic stand for the iPad.

Not quite the iCade, but a start

Not quite the killer app for the iPad, but interesting enough that I went to go look at their site online to see if there were any more details about it.

There were not any further details.  There were no details at all.

They had a tiny version for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but no iPad version.

Tiny iPhone pinball

So I started to dig around to see if anybody else had only to find… nothing.

Nothing but an article over at CNet wondering what became of the Pinball Magic stand for the iPad.  So the iCade seemed to be a pretty apt comparison, only it isn’t April.

I guess the big available retro option for the iPad is the Etch-a-sketch case.

Somebody go pester the guys at ThinkGeek about that iCade.