With Incursion, The Noctis

Incursion kicked off this past week in EVE Online.  There is the new splash screen and all.


Sort of olive green with a spiky Sansha Nation ship gliding by darkly in the lower left hand corner.

The Sansha do love their spikes.

Given how spread out this expansion is, I think they should have changed the name to “Incursions,” but that is probably just me.

The one item of interest to me so far is the new salvage ship, the Noctis.

The stats on it are impressive… if you salvage a lot.

ORE Industrial skill bonus: 5% bonus to Tractor Beam and Salvager cycle time and 60% bonus to Tractor Beam range and velocity per level

You can reach out and grab stuff for sure.  The Noctis will be more handy for salvage than my Cormorant.

A new skill is required to fly it, ORE Industrial, which runs a little over 1.4 million ISK.  You skill level in that determines the bonuses you get.

And then there is the ship itself, which in my region is priced anywhere between 56 and 300 million ISK, with about 60 million appearing to be the median (not average) price.

And then there are the original blueprints (BPOs), which are running anywhere from 430 to 700 million ISK.

What it takes to make a Noctis

Interesting.  I could afford to buy a set.  I would have to do some research on them, always a time consuming and expensive effort, to reduce the materials needed to build one.  If I were going to go into the Noctis building business.

Or I could go into the blueprint copy business, though it seems that is already booming.  Single run blueprint copies are going for around 10 million ISK.  But none of those have any material research done to them.  I would kind of like to wait for that.

In fact, as with most new ships in EVE Online, it pays to wait until the price settles down.  The people who are selling now are trying to pay for their BPOs and get as much money as they can from a fresh market.  Later the real industrialists who compete on price will come to dominate the market and the price will be a reflection of the materials needed to produce the ship.

I can afford to wait.

2 thoughts on “With Incursion, The Noctis

  1. Leland Komac

    I bought one for 57 million ISK and I’m loving it. I trained ORE Industrial to level IV and have a 68KM range on the tractors. A slow ship, but the wrecks come to me at 1700 m/s. The cargohold can expand to 3026m3 with T2 cargo expanders.


  2. Letrange

    Although an easy ship to get into skill wise, it’s not exactly newbie friendly in the sense that it’s mid way between a BC and a BS in price. It should settle to about 45mil in a few weeks.


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