Azeroth and Making My Next Character

We have been discussing what roles and classes the instance group will take on when we start again fresh in Azeroth renewed and I am seriously considering going the mage route.

Part of it is the desire to try another class.  I’ve played, at least past level 40, everything except a warrior, a mage, and a warlock.  I do not think I have played any of those classes beyond level 20, if that far.  In contrast, I have 3 druids and 4 hunters past level 50.  So some sort of change seemed to be in order.

But the other part is travel.  Travel has changed in Azeroth.

Yes, some of my characters can now fly in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, and it is quite the liberating experience.  Once you have become unstuck from the ground, it is tough to go back to walking.  Remeber how tough it used to be to get flight at 70 in Outland only to return to walking in Northrend?

And Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms are also rife with new flight points.  You no longer, for example, need to trudge up the hill to get to Stormwind or Ironforge.  Goldshire and Kharnos both have flight points, so when Hallow’s End comes along, you can be flown right in to help put out the fires.

But travel to Outland or Northrend… that has gotten a little more tricky.

With the shattering update, all the portals were removed from Shattrath and Dalaran.  This has killed off the population of Dalaran some and will probably make Shattrath feel even more dead, if that is possible.

Of course, when I logged on with Vikund to get the flight master skill so I could fly around the (new) old world, he was off in Northrend, in Dragonblight of all places… probably because it is a quick flight from there to Wintergrasp.

And his hearth stone was set to Dalaran.  It was after recalling to Dalaran that I remembered hearing about the portals.  Yup, they are gone.

Trainers, yes. Portals, no.

Fortunately, the flight master in Dalaran could teach me the flying skill I sought, and at a discounted rate due to my factional standing. (200g for exalted)

But then it was a long flight out to Howling Fjord where I had to take the boat to Menethil Harbor, where I could start flying to my heart’s content.  Menethil Harbor was looking a little… wetter than before.

Sundering or Global Warming?

But I guess I can see some good in these changes to travel.  The removal of the portals give the world back a feeling of size and puts a bit of effort back into getting places.  If I want to get from Stormwind to Darnassus, I can’t just hearth to Dalaran, jump in a portal, and be there in a minute or less.

And I am glad to see that Blizz opened up the auction house bot at the engineering trainer to all and sundry, which is now where you’ll find most of the people in Dalaran.  And the trainers, that will now keep people from having to head back to the old cities.

But I am thinking that mages and portals… there is going to be some money to be made with that.

So mage it may be.

I even rolled one up two weeks back when part of the instance group decided to do the gnome starting area.

I just have to get used to being a clothie.

Dead Mage

Ouch.  The protective qualities of robes: not so much.

7 thoughts on “Azeroth and Making My Next Character

  1. Hudson

    I don’t why people insist on rerolling instead of finishing the characters they have and accomplishing something.

    “In contrast, I have 3 druids and 4 hunters past level 50. ”

    C’mon Ancient…level to 85 and finish this!


  2. Jacob

    > I don’t why people insist on rerolling

    One possibility: low level characters can give a simpler form of game play, which is nice if you just want to relax for an hour or two. And the low level zones offer a lot more variety of where to go and what to do.

    Beginning in outland and moreso in Northrend, you have more abilities than fit on your bars, and questing is reduced to a single path, so your character is more confusing and the quest zone is more boring (because you’ve seen it before).

    If hitting max level is what makes you happy – that’s great. But some people enjoy the low levels more.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Hudson – Well, I think you might consider the fact that Blizzard redid the 1-60 content and that some people might want to experience that. That would be something akin to a new game.

    Besides which, what have I written in the last four years that would make you believe for a moment that my main motivation is to get to max level and quit? I have two level 80s, one of which will probably end up at level 85 soon enough, at which point I will hardly be done.

    So, finish this? I think not. I would guess, based on past experience, that a year from now the instance group will still be doing something in Azeroth.

    @SynCaine – Death is as light as a feather, server queues as heavy as a mountain.


  4. Roger

    I don’t know that a significant amount of gold will end up being made, even if they removed non-mage portals.

    As a mage myself for the longest time, I’d get the occasional whisper in town asking for one and the travelers WOULD always tip. I suppose if you were to sit in town spamming portal ads you could make some coin, but you’d probably have a lot more fun playing the game.

    Then again, if playing the role of shopkeeper (or, bus driver in this case) is what floats your boat, you might have more fun than anyone can imagine.

    As for your thoughts on rolling a mage, I say go for it. Tanks are usually my archetype of choice but mage was where I had the most fun during my WoW career.


  5. pockie

    I too doubt that you’ll really be earning a significant amount of gold through portals. You’d only get sales if you spend a lot of time idling in towns, which doesn’t seem like what you do when you typically log in to WoW since you’d be questing or instancing.

    Personally, I’d recommend warlock over mage though. I feel that locks have a bit more diversity in their specs, whereas frost/fire/arcane mostly differ in what color the nukes/aoes are (slight exaggeration of course… very slight). The pet management and choices also make it a bit more interesting than just being a pure nuker.


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