Considering My Path Forward With EQII Extended

I have to decide tomorrow what I should do about EverQuest II Extended.  My 30 days of Station Access expires and I am not really keen to renew it.  I got to poke around in EverQuest and EverQuest II Live, where nostalgia lay.

But I spent most of my time in EverQuest II Extended, which was fun because the world actually has people in it…  people below level 50 who aren’t obviously alts being leveled up.

I had enough fun that EQIIx could very well be my “other” game.  I can generally play two MMOs at a time, swapping between them.

World of Warcraft is obviously going to be one of them, what with the expansion and the instance group reforming yet again in Azeroth.  And while I figured that Lord of the Rings Online would be the secondary game, we did have a good run with it over the summer and I could probably let it rest for a while.  After all, I am a lifetime subscriber, so it will wait.

So I might stick with EQIIx for a while.  But that leads to the subscription options… and there are a few.

Now, of course, there is a downside.  I often have fun with the 1-40 levels.  I have a lot of characters in various games who got to 40 or so, who were then were replaced with a fresh new alt… or with a new game altogether.  So I am uncertain how “sticky” the game will be for me.

That is compounded by the fact that I have yet to bump into anybody I know.  There is no guild of old friends or acquaintances, no pals looking to form any sort of regular group, just a bunch of strangers so far.

Granted, lots of them.

And I am sure many of them are very nice.  And while I have grouped up a few times, I do tend to shy away from guilds that have such low standards that they would actually invite me.  At least sight unseen.

With all that in mind I am going to put up a poll (we all love polls, right?) and ask for opinions.

For those that aren’t up to speed on the various options, here is the membership grid yet again.

The account level matrix

The only thing missing from the grid is Station Access, which gives you a Gold level membership, but also allows you to play other SOE games.   however, it comes at double the price of a Gold membership, so you really had better be playing two or more SOE games if you go that route.  (And I’m not sure if I would get free vampires in EQII Live and EQIIx if I kept Station Access.)

4 thoughts on “Considering My Path Forward With EQII Extended

  1. Carson

    I voted “silver”. imho, bronze isn’t really worth considering – go silver+, or go home. And given that you don’t REALLY sound like you want to tie yourself to a subscription, silver it is.


  2. Blunt Force

    Velious is coming up. Stayed PAID through Feb, not that free garbage. Go back to your normal account or however they do it ( I never looked at Xtended its too beneath me) and get those Winter bonus rewards for being a subscriber in Dec, Jan and Feb.

    Norrath lore > Azeroth lore anyway, at least for people over the age of 15


  3. Bhagpuss

    I voted Silver. Not sure if the PollDaddy thing registered the vote, though.

    Since the very recent changes, which seem to have gotten surprisingly little publicity, the EQ2X offer is a lot closer to the Turbine way of doing things.

    Basically, you can now buy pretty much everything you want or need piecemeal through the SC store. For a one-off payment of $10 to go Silver you get pretty much all the bells and whistles you need and you can just buy anything extra at whim. I would bet that the last few advantages of subbing (AA Slider being the most obvious) will come to the SC store in due course. Given that a Gold sub would cost you the equivalent of 1500SC a month there’s plenty of leeway to play effectively and entertainingly at reduced cost.

    Of course, there really is NO decision to make. Your characters on EQ2X just suit there waiting for you. Any time you feel like having a wheel round Norrath, just patch up and log in. No need to resub.

    As for Vampires, well, we’ll see. Mrs Bhagpuss and I are hanging on to our SA accounts through the launch of Velious, but we expect our focus games for next year to be Rift and GW2, so we may well drop SA in favor of those, knowing we can play EQ2 on Freeport server any time we feel like it. It’s slightly complicated by DCUO, though, which is fabulous fun and which I am certainly going to be playing.


  4. Saylah

    Blunt force seemed to miss the point that people enjoy leveling with and around other new chars not being steam rolled to max level. I vote silver which is probably what I’ll do soon too.

    I’ll still craft but I no longer have time to craft enough to be filling sales crates on the broker so gold sub is no longer required.


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