Turbine is Totally the Reason Warhammer Online Failed…

Alusiphus is totally pissed at Turbine.  He hates them and the games they make.

-He hates Dungeons & Dragons Online, which is too complex.

-He hates Lord of the Rings Online, which is a total WoW copy grind fest.

-He hates Warhammer Online, because it is boring and totally not worth it.

-And he hates that Turbine is making a Warhammer 40K MMORPG.

Hrmm… about those last two Alusiphus….

I hate to break up a good rant with annoying details, but Turbine is totally not in the picture when it comes to Warhammer of any flavor.  EA Mythic messed up the first one, and I believe it is THQ that is in the process of messing up the second.

Alusiphus hates other games.  He hates Star Trek Online, for example, and Final Fantasy XIV.

He seems to have no opinion on Asheron’s Call, but since Turbine made it, I think we can guess where he’d go with that.

On the bright side, he does seem to like World of Warcraft and Pokemon.  You have to give him that.

If you aren’t getting your USDA recommended daily allowance of bile and rants, you should go read his blog.  But remember, small doses are best.

16 thoughts on “Turbine is Totally the Reason Warhammer Online Failed…

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I have the wordpress.com feed for the Lord of the Rings Online tag in Google Reader. Anybody uses that tag on wordpress.com, it shows up.

    This morning, this showed up.

    The tag feeds at wordpress.com are a hugely underrated feature, in my opinion. I’ve found a lot of interesting things via those feeds.


  2. Toldain

    I just read that. Wow. Here’s my summary:

    “I am stupid. I am too stupid to understand D&D or DDO. I am too stupid to figure out which company made Warhammer. How dare Turbine make games that remind me that I am stupid! Smart people are fanboys, and I am the one true MMO player. All MMO’s should be designed to let me kill as many things as possible as quickly as possible, with no chance of failure. The only thing that an MMO ought to reward is hours in front of the keyboard, and manic intensity.”

    There’s only one correct response to rants like this: “Can I have your stuff?”

    (Apparently I’m feeling cranky this morning.)


  3. Roger

    I can’t determine whether the guy’s a troll or not. If he is, I fell for it and commented. Turbine made Warhammer? He needs to turn in his fake gaming journalism credentials right now.


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  5. Jacob

    Looks like you scared him – he took down his LOTR post and replaced it with a post saying “this is my blog and I love that people read me / I hate that people dare to post comments disagreeing with me. HOW DARE YOU.”


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    See, totally not a troll… or something.

    I only really found this amusing because the comment thread on EALouse is still getting a new addition once a day or so and I thought this post would have fit in quite nicely. It is certainly more logical than a lot of what gets posted in that thread.


  7. SynCaine

    Um, and fail at reading his blog. Right at the top:

    “A story of dubious accuracy”

    Guy is just playing his part.


  8. Roger

    I DID notice that, and it was part of what caused me confusion as to whether or not it was a troll. Taken with Alusiphus’ response and retraction would seem to indicate that the two are coincidental though.


  9. SynCaine

    And, for the triple post win, having actually read his post, it’s top notch.

    From defining MMORPGs (and not MMOs) as something just below WoW in complexity, to the countless factual errors, to actually getting a few things right (WAR pre and post lvl 10), to just ultimately not making a point beyond, I think, complex games are not fun (but MMORPGs are, because, um, they are generally simple?), it’s an awesome post.


  10. Gallaria

    @SynCaine – I almost fell off my chair laughing at your “Facts ruin so many good rants… It’s a shame really.”

    Could almost hear Jeeves/Stephen Fry saying it as one of his admonishments to Bertie Wooster.


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