What To Do With 4.8 Million Skill Points

The removal of learning skills went through this week in EVE Online, which left me with some newly freed up skill points to allocate.

4.8 million skill points.

That is somewhat over 3 months of training time right there, a significant boost to some lucky skills.

Now what should I spend them on?  With 59 million skill points still there, there are not a lot of skills I need to work on for my rather limited needs.  I guess I can cap out that ORE Industrial skill for the Noctis.

I wonder if I have any missile skills left to train?

4 thoughts on “What To Do With 4.8 Million Skill Points

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  2. Lamthara

    i got around 2.5 milions SP with my main.. and a more or less 400k with both of my alts (yes.. i’m a strange guy who use the two other char slots).

    I have to admit it was very very very nice… and i’ve tried to concentrate all of the in the 8X skills


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