Daily Archives: December 18, 2010

499 Way to Find Yourself… Well… Here

Traffic driven here by search engines has gone up lately, so much so that wordpress.com won’t even show me the whole list of terms used any more, since they cut it off at 499 and most days I exceed that number.

So, in one of those peek behind the scenes posts, I thought I would share the raw data, the top 499 search engine terms that brought people to this blog on Thursday, December 16th. (No Beethoven searches I’m afraid.)  I usually pick out a couple for my end of month post, but sometimes it is interesting just to see the whole array.

After the first 20 on the list, the actual number of searches used the term drop down to single digits, and past 100 or so they are all the search of a single person.  Plus there were 123 more on Thursday that did not make the list.  Who knows what could have been lurking there.

Some people arrived here and probably got exactly what they were looking for.  Others… a lot of them judging from the search terms… turned up here and found nothing worthwhile I am sure.  Certainly I come up short on the “porn” front.

My own favorite: “how do you write a syncaine poem”

The only answer can be, “First find something that rhymes with ‘WoW sucks!'”

Anyway, the list is after the break.

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