499 Way to Find Yourself… Well… Here

Traffic driven here by search engines has gone up lately, so much so that wordpress.com won’t even show me the whole list of terms used any more, since they cut it off at 499 and most days I exceed that number.

So, in one of those peek behind the scenes posts, I thought I would share the raw data, the top 499 search engine terms that brought people to this blog on Thursday, December 16th. (No Beethoven searches I’m afraid.)  I usually pick out a couple for my end of month post, but sometimes it is interesting just to see the whole array.

After the first 20 on the list, the actual number of searches used the term drop down to single digits, and past 100 or so they are all the search of a single person.  Plus there were 123 more on Thursday that did not make the list.  Who knows what could have been lurking there.

Some people arrived here and probably got exactly what they were looking for.  Others… a lot of them judging from the search terms… turned up here and found nothing worthwhile I am sure.  Certainly I come up short on the “porn” front.

My own favorite: “how do you write a syncaine poem”

The only answer can be, “First find something that rhymes with ‘WoW sucks!'”

Anyway, the list is after the break.

  1. heroic deadmines
  2. deadmines heroic
  3. elf porn
  4. cataclysm
  5. wow account hacked
  6. turbine points
  7. blood elf porn
  8. the ancient gaming noob
  9. lego x-wing
  10. onyxia
  11. lego jabba and lego boba fett and lego leia and lego luke
  12. world of warcraft magazine
  13. gliscor
  14. stratholme
  15. battleships lego space
  16. guild name generator
  17. cats playing patty cake
  18. lotro turbine points card
  19. coldain butler
  20. tagn
  21. wow deadmines heroic
  22. giants
  23. monet parham-lee
  24. guild names
  25. giants images
  26. blizzard april fool
  27. cat patty cake
  28. heroic deadmines tactics
  29. the deadmines heroic
  30. ancient gaming noob
  31. kart rider
  32. turbine point cards
  33. kart rider usa
  34. lego castle troll pictures
  35. blizzard april fools
  36. x-wing lego
  37. world of warcraft magazine issue 3
  38. eve tank amount
  39. how to find agents in eve
  40. star wars sith buzzard
  41. best pvp mmos
  42. dire maul summoning stone
  43. eve online load screens
  44. caverns of time
  45. wow guild names
  46. social network for noob
  47. zombrex pen
  48. boi muont
  49. gaming keyboard for everquest
  50. how to get lotro to display on second display
  51. wii bowling remote
  52. lotro turbine point generator
  53. blackrock spire rookery
  54. kaluak
  55. overview of fort necessity
  56. running torchlight on mac
  57. eve online porn
  58. x53 touring rocket
  59. getting to upper black rock
  60. how to get to upper blackrock spire
  61. pokemon mew
  62. pokemon pic hers
  63. rock band pack
  64. scrappy doo
  65. personality noob test
  66. wow heroic deadmines
  67. interbus shuttle
  68. pokemon white legendary
  69. wow hunter pets
  70. world of warcraft redridge foxes
  71. runes of magic unicorn
  72. onyxia human form
  73. ranger riding lotr
  74. lotro banner
  75. warcraft winter theme
  76. pokemon diamond events 2010
  77. azeroth from space
  78. is lotro fun
  79. pic of giants pic
  80. sf giants world series
  81. guild names wow
  82. pvp mmos
  83. star wars the old republic concept art
  84. zombrex pic
  85. lord prestor
  86. pokemon black white
  87. hulkageddon iii
  88. jirachi picture
  89. stun effect
  90. ipad mame
  91. wow dmg 900000
  92. orgrimmar ragefire chasm
  93. eve online drake
  94. pokemon black and white tepig
  95. ???? ???? ???????????? ?????
  96. heroic deadmine
  97. how to get to shadowfang keep from stormwind
  98. rider on the storm cataclysm
  99. brickbeard’s bounty v realite
  100. what is eve tank
  101. lotro
  102. mafia
  103. c-3p0
  104. eve online ascii art
  105. tank
  106. xwing lego
  107. wow blue fox hunter pet
  108. brickbeard’s bounty
  109. lotro screen shot
  110. where is deadmines meeting stone
  111. eve online incursion wallpaper
  112. finding agents eve online
  113. wow where to get the fox pet for hunters
  114. turbine points code
  115. lotro captions
  116. world of worldcraft achievement
  117. how to create learning curve
  118. “turbine points”
  119. farmville wall posts
  120. pirates of the burning sea “folly of man”
  121. eve tank
  122. how to enter ubrs
  123. iorvinas orc
  124. what to buy with station cash
  125. pony boy slave
  126. sentry drones eve
  127. battle of the immortals zodiac system
  128. why does vip still have 2 pay lotro
  129. everquest wasd
  130. how to get yellow forest on pokewalker
  131. lotro freezes my computer
  132. hemet nesingwary cataclysm
  133. pokewalker machine
  134. lotro turbine points dollar
  135. lotro how much is vip
  136. wow guild generator
  137. viziam negative standings
  138. arceus toy
  139. world of warcraft faction leaders
  140. everquest 2 population server
  141. eve find the next avaliable agent
  142. deam mines heroic “““““““““
  143. ddo guild faq
  144. auchenai crypts
  145. pokewalker yellow forest download
  146. eve online agent locations
  147. wow blood elf porn
  148. eq drakkin
  149. battle of the immortals zodiac sign effects
  150. lotro vault space
  151. exchange screenshot sto
  152. how tjo do race on lego star wars
  153. eve online incursion public fleet
  154. eve level 5 mission reward
  155. “rokh battleship pricing”
  156. lady katrana
  157. eve finding misions
  158. lotro fast mount
  159. golem or raven navy issue
  160. top mmo webkinz
  161. lotr shuts my computer down
  162. real id chat
  163. herotic death mine
  164. wow hunter
  165. minmatar tanking
  166. eve online how to sell plex
  167. longest achievement in wow
  168. where is the 85 deadmines?
  169. eve online what is strange object destroyed my ship
  170. turbine points codes
  171. read mail orgrimmar
  172. pokewalker cheat
  173. collision alert star trek
  174. noob elf
  175. pichu from game stop
  176. eve 74 plex destroyed
  177. how do you write a syncaine poem
  178. warhammer twinking 2010
  179. eve online build with salvage
  180. sentry drones
  181. rules for choosing server hardware
  182. eq2 guild name
  183. post box farstrider lodge
  184. lego castle troll warship 7048
  185. turbine point card
  186. how to get threw authenticator code starcraft 2
  187. what are we meant to do
  188. pokewalker yellow forest
  189. wow guild name generator
  190. eve online agents of finid
  191. cargo rigs
  192. vip lord of the rings online
  193. how do you do deadmines heroics
  194. what to spend turbine points on
  195. tabula rasa title
  196. what level is heroic deadmines?
  197. outlands to northrend
  198. noob
  199. wow [by any means necessary]
  200. ancient guild names
  201. where do i get the winter veil hat
  202. star craft
  203. list of facebook games that take credits
  204. deadmines cataclysm
  205. lego speed racers
  206. eq2 6 year veteran reward
  207. event pokemon download platinum
  208. thadur strategy
  209. lego universe noobie
  210. dire maul boss
  211. deadmines level 85 dungeon
  212. video game guild names
  213. crown of byzantus
  214. i love you! raptor
  215. everquest launcher download
  216. starcraft 2 authenticator
  217. lego jabba
  218. lego star wars x wing fighter
  219. free science fiction mmorpg
  220. crescent reach quests
  221. lotro shutting down?
  222. rotom event
  223. what is sthe strongest class in war
  224. real time strategy total annihilation rip
  225. i try and install burning crusade but when i try it sais an error has occurred. you cannot claim this key at this time. if you recently purchased a digital upgrade for world of warcraft®, please wait until the upgrade process is completely finished and try again.
  226. eve cargo optimization rigs
  227. where is the heroic deadmines
  228. nasa mplm patch
  229. youtube stormwind we didn’t start the fire
  230. eve online orca
  231. loque’nahak rolling restart
  232. lego draco malfoy
  233. coinmaster
  234. voice chat in lord of the rings online
  235. star trek porn
  236. star map of the real known universe
  237. dora explorer name tag
  238. on pokemon ds games when are the events happing?
  239. death knight can’t use dungeon finder
  240. find agents available to you eve
  241. azeroth advisor
  242. fighting porn games
  243. lotro person forced client to crash
  244. free turbine points code
  245. feeding alganon
  246. drop mount and scholomance
  247. tarren mill cataclysm
  248. epic journeys and random encounters draenei
  249. why hack warcraft accounts?
  250. lotro turbine points codes
  251. orgrimmar auction house
  252. eq 2 where do booster packs drop
  253. manufactory “lower city” blackrock
  254. shattrath to northrend
  255. arceus
  256. hellfire ramparts dungeon finder
  257. world of warcraft accounts
  258. blood eld porn
  259. lotro game cards
  260. selling plex
  261. cats playing patty-cake
  262. eve online finding good agents
  263. how to pay for game time with isk
  264. how to get to stormwind from darnassus
  265. electrified scale
  266. mafia pictures
  267. heroic deadmines cataclysm
  268. vanguard half elf
  269. torchlight settings
  270. plex isk cost
  271. the way through black rock spire
  272. stormwind gate
  273. uldaman daily quests
  274. wow daily parental time
  275. blizzard will anyone be able to see my real name on world of warcraft online
  276. wow popular guild names
  277. eve online orca mining
  278. best career in eve online
  279. no spam
  280. turbine data defrag tool
  281. evemon incursion 1.02 update
  282. cataclysm outland
  283. rabbit on a raft
  284. what level is deadmines heroic
  285. eve assemble ship
  286. elementium-plated exhaust pipe
  287. deadmines heroics
  288. pokemon black & white pokemon catcher
  289. eve online tutorial
  290. lego speed racer
  291. ha10kx2k.sys
  292. lotro free turbine points
  293. ddo free accounts start guild?
  294. why do we not have flying cars
  295. gym badges
  296. sam raimi warcraft movie
  297. eve plex isk
  298. wow guid name
  299. caldari raven vs golem
  300. heroic deadmines start
  301. “coldain butler”
  302. does torchlight ever end
  303. zombrex
  304. lotro freeze windows xp
  305. everquest chessboard
  306. which initial pokemon should i choose
  307. golem vs navy raven
  308. lotro escort quest lone lands
  309. best things to do in lotro
  310. mogworld
  311. epic win
  312. folly of man burning sea
  313. dire maul summon stone
  314. click and drag blizzard images
  315. wow guild naming rules
  316. yellow forest pokewalker
  317. eve online tech ii blueprint original
  318. eve rmt
  319. fredegar bolger
  320. drakkin creation
  321. katrana prestor
  322. rock band
  323. lord of the rings vip worth it?
  324. eve finding new missions
  325. can i purchase station cash through my cell phone
  326. ‘turbine points” celular
  327. lotr online apprentice ingredient packs
  328. is pokemon black and white coming out in spring in march
  329. eve how to find agents
  330. stormwind in cataclysm
  331. white wolfs
  332. crescent reach worthwhile quests
  333. killing barrows for noobs
  334. whats a good guild name for wow
  335. golem vs raven
  336. freeport server: heavy load
  337. eve game cards isk
  338. preorder destiny of velious
  339. 6 year veterans reward
  340. wii bowling ball attachment
  341. oprah dungeon
  342. lotro lotterty
  343. wow quest log
  344. best amarr agents
  345. eve online agent map
  346. borg diamond
  347. eq2 archer
  348. forge
  349. eve online music
  350. pokemon dp gliscor
  351. patty cake cat
  352. guild name generator wow
  353. what happens when wow account hacked
  354. hunter pets 29
  355. iorvinas map
  356. real flying reindeer
  357. wrestling mmo
  358. erik estavillo
  359. pokewalker winner’s path download
  360. sto lifetime subscription
  361. mike mulligan and his steam shovel video online
  362. turbine points cards
  363. lotro 32 level free to play
  364. plex and piracy
  365. phasing in mmo
  366. hacked wow accounts login info
  367. lord of the rings shire
  368. searching for agents eve online
  369. ras frostwhisper location
  370. eve sansha mothership
  371. the cats doing pattycake
  372. vanity mounts
  373. wow achievements
  374. lotr vip
  375. sentrt drones tracking
  376. blood elf riding a wolf
  377. random guild generators
  378. lotro noob guide
  379. how to use a sentry dominix
  380. how to i find new agents in eve online
  381. lotro freeplay limitations
  382. member of the press
  383. turbine points lotro vip
  384. the barrens
  385. spacescape
  386. dungeons and dragons online guide
  387. cataclysm heroic deadmines
  388. pirates of the burning sea quest folly of man
  389. everquest 2 kerra
  390. “dungeons & dragons” humor
  391. golem fit eve
  392. eq2ui_mainhud_tutorial
  393. under stormwind
  394. the biggest wolf
  395. how to find missions eve
  396. omor he unscarred
  397. eve online which drones to use
  398. cataclysm upgrade
  399. the glory that was rome
  400. wailing caverns
  401. caldari navy raven price
  402. everquest “vision”
  403. is dc universe online going to be part of station access?
  404. sto how to do screenshot
  405. eve online christmas
  406. everquest cartoon porn
  407. lotro boring
  408. turbine points card
  409. picture of rudolph hes nose shineing
  410. cargo rigs eve
  411. english patch kart rider
  412. eve online how to find agents
  413. rudolph flying away in fear
  414. free turbine points code lotro
  415. everquest timeline
  416. eve online plex isk
  417. how do i get toys r us regigas
  418. thorin the hobbit
  419. world of warcraft overview
  420. how many agents are there in eve online
  421. child mmos that compete with webkinz
  422. facebook games
  423. eve find available agents
  424. where to find missions eve online
  425. hulkageddon dates
  426. astronomy picture of the day
  427. tutorial for dead space how to activate
  428. everquest® ii destiny of velious preorder
  429. gnomergan big red buttons
  430. eve online golem
  431. world of warcraft cat companion
  432. lego star wars races
  433. t2 sentry drones worth it
  434. noctis eve skill bonuses
  435. dead mines lev 80
  436. cataclysm deadmines heroic
  437. tutorial eve online
  438. eve online find agents
  439. buying a house in everquest
  440. cat noob
  441. gizlock color?
  442. wow darnassus flight master
  443. lotro monster play vip of premium
  444. dire maul west entrance
  445. torchlight patch
  446. blue fox hunter pet
  447. lotro worth vip
  448. great barrow warrior set
  449. star trek online type-8 shuttle
  450. destiny of velious pre order
  451. where is archaedas found in uldamen
  452. lotro vip v premium best value
  453. eve online freighter guide
  454. eve sentry drones pvp
  455. how do i do heroic deadmines
  456. finding new agents eve
  457. oprah games
  458. world of warcraft mouse pads t shirts
  459. planetside website not working correctly
  460. warcraft cat
  461. wow authenticator
  462. pokemon pc game
  463. old lego pirates
  464. xkcd eve online
  465. where to buy turbine lotro points cards
  466. reward velious 15 12
  467. banner hdro
  468. earn free turbine points code
  469. lego brickbeard’s bounty
  470. dire maul tribute run
  471. lotro how much is vip?
  472. king ping wow
  473. shadowfang keep tac
  474. eve online no more implants as mission rewards?
  475. best nasa patch
  476. deadmines heroic tactics
  477. universe new mt
  478. wow defrag tool
  479. dc universe online how do you create a guild?
  480. lotro vip
  481. problems with lotro graphics drivers
  482. torchlight 2 reaver char retired
  483. dark age of camelot system requirement
  484. eve online cargo rigs
  485. eve online agents find
  486. amazon.com video game allday gold box event
  487. sto lifetime reward
  488. next mew event
  489. where i found pull version of macho dancing contest
  490. winter veil hat 2010
  491. rock band beatles micro
  492. scrappy doo photo
  493. everquest 2 extended comparison
  494. hacked while account was inactive wow
  495. varian wrynn
  496. how much in isk to plex cost
  497. where can i find zombrex
  498. proposed system of blogging
  499. guild name creator

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    @Tobold – Porn in general.

    The list includes:

    eve online porn
    star trek porn
    everquest cartoon porn
    fighting porn games

    Clearly an indication of what the googling public really wants.


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