Incenting Guild Behavior

Of course, you can probably guess what our guild started doing once Potshot discovered this achievement.

Guild Achievement Target

Who doesn’t want an armadillo pup?

I haven’t hit 81 with a character yet or done any of the new or redone instances.  But I’ve killed a lot of critters.

Like Thanksgiving gone wrong

This one has brought the guild together… or at least the pet obsessed factions of the guild.

And we can watch as our count climbs.

I wonder if this is going to keep us from swapping over to play Horde at a later date, this investment in our guild.

Still, it is nice to see WoW guilds evolve from a being a mere chat channel to a shared bank resource to… well… this.

6 thoughts on “Incenting Guild Behavior

  1. Carson

    Don’t hurry too much.. word on the street is that you need to be Exalted with your guild to buy the pet even once the achievement is complete, and that takes more than three months even if you cap out your guild rep every week.


  2. Tabathine

    We’re working on this too, I created a macro where all I have to do is input the critter of that area, and then press away! We’re a little over 5 thousand down. :)


    find a well populated area (I hear there is a great penguin critter infested area someplace in Northrend) and shoot away!


  3. Tabathine

    So my macro did’t show up right. Take 2:

    /target (insert name of critter)
    /cast (insert an instant cast, such as arcane shot)

    I had the (–) in before, guess it messed up the post.

    So simple, and so easy!


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Oh yeah, I think we all had macros going. I did:

    /cast auto attack

    And then just ran around, hitting judgement or exorcism (if it popped up insta-cast) for the occasional one at range.

    I should go with my hunter instead. He could cover the crossroads there with his gun.


  5. Roger

    Ha. It’s terrifying to me how effective Blizzard is at getting people to go all-in on the grind. I think that puts me in the minority though…when (individual) achievements first came out and my guild wanted to run through all the Vanilla and TBC raids I angered many by refusing to go.

    Thankfully, main tanks get away with whatever they want. Divas forever.


  6. Shawndra

    I made sure my alliance guild knew of this achievement, after one of my horde guild mates told me about it. Another great place to kill critters or even just watch them is a place that is between the three areas of Stonetalon, Mulgore, and Desolace (I think that is the area) there are rabbits, rats, and prairie dogs, some normal, and some armed. They respawn really fast, but the real fun is in watching them charge at each other and swing their weapons :)


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