Daily Archives: December 21, 2010

A Hollow Wintergrasp

A new expansion comes out and things change.

Last night, prime time, I was in the most pathetic Wintergrasp ever.

Our raid group.

Yup, five of us.  I was the raid leader.  And I think we were facing two horde players, so things were mostly going our way.

We got all three towers down so we didn’t have to sit around for the full 30 minutes of the battle.

And we won.  Go figure.

But the kicker was, that one horde siege engine nearly did us in.  We were all out knocking down towers and nobody was watching the fort.

Cracked Door

All he had to do was finish off that door and he would have won it for the horde.

Fortunately somebody ran back to check.  That got us one of the three siege engine kills.  The two more were not forthcoming.

So just a month or so back I was writing about how Wintergrasp battles were going on Eldre’Thalas, and now the place has changed completely.  Everybody is off in the new zones and the new battle grounds.

Glad I got my Wintergrasp Veteran achievement back when there were actually battles for the place.