Pokemon Black and White Coming March 6, 2011

As somebody noted in the comments of the previous post, there was a big update to the US region official Pokemon Black and White web site, including something of a non-announcement of the release date.  The “Coming Spring 2011” ribbon changed to “Available 3/6/2011.”

Generally Nintendo has a press release and a post up on the main Pokemon.com site and a Twitter message or two.  But this time around, they just quietly updated the Black and White website.  Now, they might be saving the press release for the new year since the time between Christmas and New Year tends to be a dead week for news.

In addition to the release date, they have a range of new information about the game including some of the new Pokemon you will see in the Unova region where Black and White take place.


I expect to see more news soon along with a Toys R Us event to coincide with the new Pokemon movie that will be coming out along with Black and white.


Of course, shortly after I wrote this, I got an email from Nintendo with the announcement for the release date.  So they are just getting the ball rolling.

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