Good Gaming Vietnam!

That favorite blogs post over at Massively is the gift that keeps on giving.

I noticed some traffic today from a Vietnamese gaming site,, which appears to have picked up the favorite blogs post and reworked it into Vietnamese.  Of course, they didn’t mention Massively.  But then they didn’t copy the article verbatim either.  Maybe it was just an amazing parallel list.

Here is what they said about this site:

If I trust Google Translate, it says that I get much sympathy from my ant-like readership.  Not exactly a winning endorsement for either you or me.

This is, of course, why I do not trust Google Translate.

Still, that translation is better that what it says for West Karana, which Google suggests focuses uniquely on exploiting new online games.  Haxors!

And poor Syp,  all they could say about Bio Break is that it once had a series of articles about Warhammer. I think Google Translate actually rendered that one okay, along with the Hardcore Casual being all about Darkfall.

Anyway, if you found your way here from, hello and welcome!  Maybe you can give me a more accurate translation of what was written, since they did not appear to copy the Massively text directly.

8 thoughts on “Good Gaming Vietnam!

  1. We Fly Spitfires

    “If I trust Google Translate, it says that I get much sympathy from my ant-like readership.”

    I lol’d at this. Good to know that we can always trust dodgy translation to give us a laugh :)


  2. Ysharros

    This is why (as a translator) I’m always happy to tell recalcitrant clients that suuuure, they can go right ahead and use machine trans. Then when it makes no sense, they can come back and pay me to do it properly. :D

    Mmm, formic acid.


  3. yasulong

    Well, i didn’t come here through gamek (weirdly enough, your post come first in a search engine’s results for “” even though that site itself on nowhere on the first page,lol)
    Anyway, since i am a Vietnamese myself, i must thank you for not jumping the gun in trusting that Google crap, for once, the paragraph mention no whatsoever about ant-like or anything ant-relates.Here is a more correct translation of mine:
    “Considered one of excellent blogs which frequently bring to its reader an unique analysis of new developments in modern gaming world
    , TAGN has received many nods from its fellow gamers and continue to releases many helpful insights as well as informations regard current MMORPG titles”
    The last sentences is an error since its lack consistency to the previous sentence, i dont know if thats what screwed up Google. Since even my English grammar are quite faulty at times, i hope i didn’t mess up in conveying the meaning of this paragraph. Its very much put your site on high-regard, thats for sure.


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