Daily Archives: January 3, 2011

Our First Guild Achievement

The Twilight Cadre, our guild on Eldre’Thalas is still level 1 as of this writing, but it now has an achievement.

And our grand, single achievement is defeating the Stormwind Stockade and stealing Hogger’s Trousers.

We came to be stealing Hogger’s Trousers because there are still things that World of Warcraft does not do well.

Because of the guild leveling and achievements things, we have been consolidating as much as we can into a single guild so that our efforts are not dispersed.  So we’ve ditched other guilds, transferred some characters, and have gotten some friends to roll up fresh characters on our server.

And this has lead us to have main characters all across the range of levels, which was the problem we faced the other day.

We were trying to pull together a group of characters from the five people online that could do an instance and get that first guild achievement,  but the best we could do was this:

  • 17 Priest
  • 27 Hunter
  • 32 Paladin
  • 33 Warrior
  • 45 Rogue

A bit of a range spread there.

Now, on the bright side, WoW doesn’t keep a group like this from forming up and doing something.  You want a wide range of levels in your group, go right ahead.  Other games, like EverQuest II would keep level 17 characters from getting quest credit or experience if they were grouped with a level 45.

On the other hand, while there are no restrictions on grouping up, WoW doesn’t do you any favors after that really.  There is nothing like EQII’s mentoring.  There are no instances that scale to the average level of your group like Splitpaw.

Furthermore, you cannot use dungeon finder with a group like that.  DF has level range restrictions for each instance, and there is no overlap between 17 and 45.

So it was a good thing that Stormwind Stockade was a viable choice, since most of us were in town to start with.  It would have been a little under level for most of us even if the rogue had been 30 rather than 45.  And with a level 45 rogue along it was a complete walk-over.  But we went anyway.

Of course the priest died.  And the warrior couldn’t hold aggro with the rogue doing so much damage.  But we got though it well enough and it was probably good for a group that hadn’t worked together as a team before to do a milk run like this.

Because at least 4 out of 5 members of the group were in the guild (all 5 were), the guild got its first achievement. (Note the little guild banner on the mini-map with the number 5 in it.)

I expect this to be the first in a long line of guild achievements, continuing next with the Deadmines now that we’re past the holiday season.  And, with people consolidating on the single guild, there is a glimmer of a hope that maybe, at some point, we might have enough people around to try a 10-person raid.

We shall see.