2 thoughts on “The Five Most Pressing Issues Facing World of Warcraft?

  1. JohnO

    I think you’re letting them off easy on the Dalaran portals. It’s not just a matter of signage, it was just a stupid decision on their part to eliminate them in the first place. I can’t even think of a reason that it’s justified via Lore.

    I think a larger area they are falling flat is the first set of dungeons in Cataclysm. If you start in Hyjal you will level past the point where you can even queue, via Dungeon Finder, for Throne of Tides and vice versa, since they are capped in DF at level 83. Barring traveling there, which is a pain, you are missing out on content.


  2. him

    “I can’t even think of a reason that it’s justified via Lore.”

    It doesn’t need to be. The reason is simple. Blizz wanted us all to move back to EK and Kalimdor as our base to experience all the new content as it was meant to be. If they’d have left portals in Dal, we’d all have stayed there for ease.

    A better plan might have been to make the portals stop working for 80+.

    But then, now, 70-80 don’t need to leave Northrend – Dal has all trainers, vendors and an AH.


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