Big Fish? Small Pond? Both?

I was looking at my Raptr profile this morning, and one item caught my eye.

That first one, for my worgen Maloney says that I was one of the first 200 Raptr users to get that achievement.

And the reason it caught my eye was that the likelihood of me being the first 200 WoW players to do anything in any group of players of reasonable size seemed remote to the point of pigs flying.  And that achievement especially is not a tough one to obtain.

Of course, the population might not be of a reasonable size.

It is limited to Raptr users, and only those users who play World of Warcraft and who have bothered to add it to their profile and who run the client that does the tracking.  It addition, the user also has to then manually add specific characters.  Only the achievements of those characters get tracked.

So I could be something like the 20th player on Raptr to get the achievement for all I know.

I couldn’t get a fix on exactly how big the active WoW population is at Raptr.  If I search on people who play WoW, the number is less than 500.  But if that were really the case, I would imagine that a lot more of my achievements would be in the “first 200” range.  Instead, most are like that second achievement, which merely points out what percentage of WoW players on Raptr who have the achievement.

I am still looking for more stats on how big the WoW population is on Raptr.

4 thoughts on “Big Fish? Small Pond? Both?

  1. Carson

    Additionally, for those particular achievements, you’re trimming the population down further to the subset who have been playing new characters. I don’t use Raptr myself (in fact I’ve never heard of it and have no idea what it even IS!), but if I did, I’d be outside that subset because I have only played my main and a couple of level 80 alts since Cataclysm landed.


  2. Hirvox

    All stats on Raptr rely on the accuracy of their tracking, which is lackluster to say the least. Steam, Playstation Network and XBox Live are properly tracked because the stats can be retrieved from the server. The same could theoretically be done with WoW, but it’s pretty much broken right now. Client-side tracking is broken as well; According to Raptr I haven’t been playing anything in almost a month.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Raptr seems to have just about the same set of problems that I had with X-Fire. It tracks some games just fine, others it refuses to acknowledge. X-Fire used to refuse to see EVE Online. Raptr ignores Star Trek Online no matter what I do.

    Still, it does seem to be tracking the games I play the most, which was what I wanted. Wish it would track Lord of Ultima, since I’ve been spending time with that daily, but that is probably asking too much unless EA provides an interface.


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