Daily Archives: January 10, 2011

CCP – First Company to Yield to My 2011 Demands

I received a nice note from CCP Manifest a couple of days back.  He wrote that CCP was going to do their best to meet my 2011 demands, which were:

Will you put that drink down already?  EVE is still going, still making money, still popular, still unique, I get it.  And you are improving it over time.  But really, you’re starting to look like a one-trick pony.  What are all those people in Atlanta doing?  You don’t have to ship something new this year, but at least make us believe you’re really working on something new.  We’re starting to think you’re spending all that money you make on akvavit and exotic dancers.

We shall see if we get something solid about a World of Darkness MMO this year.

In addition, he said that CCP would continue on with their two expansions per year for EVE Online as well as finishing up the leftover pieces of Incursion, the latest expansion.

He included a link to the YouTube page that shows examples of one of the most visible updates still to come for Incursion, the new avatar creation tool.

It is good to see that some companies can be reasonable about this sort of thing.

Meanwhile, in what can only be seen as a complete rejection of my demands,  SOE is doing more to keep the two EQII communities apart, with EverQuest II Extended getting its own forums, plus some really disappointing information about where the Velious beta forums are going to live.  Putting those in the EQII Extended forums seems to be… dare I say it?  A slap in the face for those long playing and loyal EQII Live players?  Especially when it meant deleting the beta forums, and all discussions therein, that were already in progress.

Critter-pocalypse Continues

As I mentioned before our guild, small though it may be, is intent on getting the armadillo pup that comes with the critter killing guild achievement.

We have now made it to the 20% mark.

I have added to the critter count myself by slaughtering the flocks of fjord penguins that can be found around Icecrown.

Many a penguin victim

I have to wonder what PETA thinks about this sort of incentivized critter slaughter that Blizzard has set up.

Actually, given their behavior back in 2009, I suppose I don’t really have to wonder.