Critter-pocalypse Continues

As I mentioned before our guild, small though it may be, is intent on getting the armadillo pup that comes with the critter killing guild achievement.

We have now made it to the 20% mark.

I have added to the critter count myself by slaughtering the flocks of fjord penguins that can be found around Icecrown.

Many a penguin victim

I have to wonder what PETA thinks about this sort of incentivized critter slaughter that Blizzard has set up.

Actually, given their behavior back in 2009, I suppose I don’t really have to wonder.

6 thoughts on “Critter-pocalypse Continues

  1. Muir

    I’ve heard (but not verified) that if you’re grouped with other guild members, the critter kills count once for each person in the group. Assuming the stars and schedules align for something like that.


  2. Ysharros

    I’ve heard the same. Have yet to try it. I actually went to do some penguin-slaughtering of my own and just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Next time I’ll have to bring a char who’s less of a bleeding heart. :P


  3. Jamez

    I’m in a small guild and we’re trying for this too. If we are grouped together and one of us kills a critter, we get a 5 counts. Also, there is a cave in EPL with the spiders that is filled with critters for AOE massiveness.


  4. Sua

    Good Luck, our guild just got this. You can’t get the pet until you are exalted with the guild though. Blizz can be cruel.


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