Daily Archives: January 12, 2011

Westfall Story

When you’re a Defias,
You’re an expendable pawn
From your first red bandana
To your final respawn.

-Defias Song, Westfall Story

When last we checked into Westfall, Gryan Stoutmantle had a big question mark over his head and I was certain that we would be getting stuck into the Defias.

Gryan Waits For Us

The Defias, curse their name, were all over Sentinal Hill, attempting to burn it down while engaged in ritual combat with the Westfall Brigade… combat that looked rather like an awkward and slow motion version of the Jets taking on the Sharks in West Side Story.

What task would Gryan Stoutmantle have for us.

As with last week, I’ll answer that after the break so as not to spoil Westfall for those who have not done it yet.

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