Renew With Confidence!

You know you are dealing with an old media magazine company when they start sending you renewal notices six months before your subscription expires.

And so it is with Future US, the publishers of the official World of Warcraft Magazine.

They haven’t been spamming me with notices, but I have had a few, the first of which coincided with the second issue.

Now I am looking at the last issue in my year subscription showing up some time in the next month or three, so when the renewal notice showed up in my inbox again yesterday, I thought I would go ahead and resubscribe.

Renew Already!

So I clicked on the link, which took me off to the renewal form.  Simple stuff really, though I was a bit worried when I was done and was told that my first issue should show up in the next 8-10 weeks.

Okay, maybe that is just standard.  Maybe they don’t really think I am a new subscriber.  Maybe they would be smart enough to send me to the right page for renewals.

And then, hours later, a confirmation email showed up:

Thank you for subscribing to the &&language&& language version of World of Warcraft the Magazine. The first issue will arrive at the address below in 8 to 10 weeks*:

Please print a copy for your records.

Payment Reference Number: &&ref_num&&
Subscriber Info:

Your account will be charged in the amount of &&price&& for &&issues&& issues.

* For direct debit payments, order processing depends on payment approval.

Well, that didn’t do much to inspire confidence in the process.  Isn’t this sort of data processing taught in your first computer science class?

I suppose I should be happy that they got the email address correct, even if they couldn’t quite fill in my name, address, order reference number, or language.

We’ll see what I end up getting.  I already have the Future US customer service link handy.

5 thoughts on “Renew With Confidence!

  1. Barix

    Based on some tweets I’ve seen in the past few minutes some out there are worried that these renewal emails might be a scam. Since apparently yours proved legit perhaps you can confirm for the benefit of others: do the renewal emails come from the domain


  2. mbp

    That email address sets my intrernal scam sense buzzing. Is there a link on the Blizzard site that allows to you resubscribe. That would be safer.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @mbp – Yes, fortunately, through the magic of “whois” we can find out something about that domain. is owned by Xpedite Systems LLC, which was merged years back with another company into a corporation called PGI which offers all sorts of conferencing and data automation services.

    So I am going to guess that Future US is using them for mailing list services.

    As I noted, however, the actual link on which you click to renew goes to the domain for the World of Warcraft Magazine site, to a page I can navigate to from the main site with a little patience.

    @Bronte – Yes, given what I wrote, the title of the post was sarcasm.


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