Daily Archives: January 14, 2011

Six Raikou Later…

The first GameStop shiny Pokemon download event ended last weekend.  It was for Raikou and it ran from January 3rd through January 9th.

Raikou Complete

My daughter and I, out on a Sunday shopping trip on the 9th (milk, cat food, lunch) parked in a spot directly in front of one of our nearby GameStop store fronts.  That put is well within range of their WiFi, so we sat in the car, listened to music, and downloaded Pokemon.

This also kept us from going into the store and actually buying something, which is always a danger.  Sorry GameStop.  So we kept our distance to download.

And download we did.

Since the event was available for any of the DS based Pokemon games, we were able to download the shiny Raikou into:

  • Pokemon Diamond (x2)
  • Pokemon Pearl
  • Pokemon Platinum
  • Pokemon HeartGold
  • Pokemon SoulSilver

So now we have a veritable pack of shiny Raikou on our hands now.

There are two more GameStop download events coming.

  • Entei – January 17th through January 23rd
  • Suicune – January 31st through February 6th

Plus there is a road show mall event coming up that I will post about later.

All of which is driving towards the launch of Pokemon Black and White in March.