TERA Online Looks… BOAR-ing

Boars?  Really?

No, really.  Boars?  And you thought that was even Tweet worthy?

You don’t think maybe the genre has had enough of boars. (And elves.)

Have you played World of Warcraft or… the boar-iest MMO of all… Lord of the Rings Online?

Look into it.

In the mean time I demand, since 2011 is the year of demands, that Syp do a follow up article to his Best Non-Traditional MMO Fantasy Races post with the idea of highlighting the best non-traditional MMO wildlife.

Get working on it!

Help solve the bear/boar/wolf problem!

2 thoughts on “TERA Online Looks… BOAR-ing

  1. SynCaine

    I want someone to explain why they selected boars over wolves or other ‘attack’ animals? Like what have boars ever done to people? Who even sees boars? I’d relate more to foxes or deer. Just dumb.


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