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The Golden Age of Ballooning – Gadgetzan Episode

It is becoming quite clear that I am going to have to start another new character (or two) to run through the 1-60 content in Azeroth, since the instance group is bypassing a lot of the solo content.

I have been out with Tistann, my hunter, now level 83, running some low level quests in order to get him exalted status with five of the six alliance race factions so that he can spend those Argent Tournament marks he has sitting in his currency tab.

And every time I go our in the old world with him I find some huge change in the world I want to explore or some amusing quest that I’d like to run at level.

For example, last night, I made my way to Gadgetzan with the idea of getting Tistann a little closer to exalted with Gnomeregan.  And there I found the balloon quest.

Even the balloons look crazy

You are supposed to fly around in the balloon (it follows its own path) and drop rescue rocket packs to goblins stranded by the floods caused by pirates sinking supply boats.  The goblins grab the packs and zoom off into the sky.

Oh, and you also get to bomb the pirates as well.

Targeting Pirates!

I know it is really just another one of those fly and bomb quests.  We’ve had those since Burning Crusade came out.  But so many of them have their own little twist with Cataclysm.

And, as seems to be the norm now with this sort of quest, you can keep flying around as long as you want.  When you are done, you click the button for your own rocket pack and get sent back to Gadgetzan.

Flying back to Gadgetzan

You also get a feel for how the world has changed.  Gadgetzan is now a port town, the tide having come in quite a bit.  And over the hill in Thousand Needles?  Let’s just say the Southsea Pirates have a new place to sail.

I’m going to have to roll up a new character to see this.  The instance group seems to be bypassing a lot of content, so Maloney might not get to see as much of the world as I would like.