Credulity Test – EuroGamer Edition

With DC Universe Online launching, EuroGamer seems to be trying to suck up to Sony in general and SOE in particular in the grand tradition of online gaming journalism.

I already quoted the gem from the first interview.

The second interview… well, calling it an interview stretches the term… it is more “Quotations from Chairman Smed”…  contains a look at what else might be coming out from SOE in the near future.  And while it galls me a bit that EG wants to play along so badly that they count FreeRealms on PS3 as a new title (wasn’t that supposed to ship concurrent with the Windows release originally?), for me the jaw dropper was this quote:

“And we haven’t announced a release date for it but you can expect it… We’re looking at late first-quarter, early second-quarter [2011].”

My first thought was “typo.”

Surely they meant 2012 at the earliest.

But, no, the title of the whole interview is “Expect PlanetSide Next Q1/Q2,” which I initially read as a date of “Next Q1/Q2” but which I realized really meant 2011… this year… since the title of the project is “PlanetSide Next.”

So somebody at EuroGamer thinks we’ll be playing PlanetSide Next by, say, the end of May.

Really?  They just took that statement and asked no questions?  Journalism at its finest.

This, for me, flies in the face of the marketing ramp time requirements to launch a new title. Not that I would be shouted down if I suggested that SOE isn’t the sharpest spoon in the drawer when it came to marketing.  But still, the SOE of the last five years has been more about announce and delay, hype and silence (think The Agency), and not about hitting very aggressive dates.

When do you think we’ll see PlanetSide Next?

7 thoughts on “Credulity Test – EuroGamer Edition

  1. Stabs

    How were they even thinking of releasing it against their other Q1 release, DCUO, I don’t know. So if we take Q1/Q2 to mean Q2 then it’s possible, distinctly possible. They released DCUO practically without telling anyone, the TV advertising campaign Smokejumper has been talking about since November doesn’t seem to have materialised, so sure, why not go for a hat-trick and screw up Planetside 2?

    It’s disappointing, they have some really good games developers but they couldn’t sell food to the starving.


  2. Old Tom

    This leads me to believe that the changes for Planetside Next are minor in the extreme. Perhaps a quick repackaging and some server-side upgrades?

    Would like to be wrong but …


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Stabs – I have to disagree with SOE not telling anybody about DCUO.

    SOE has been talking about DCUO, and showing demo footage and gameplay videos, for a couple of years now. People were able to play the game at the SOE Fan Faire back in August 2008. (VirginWorlds Podcast #127)

    The SOE model seems to be to start showing stuff far too early rather than waiting until the last moment.

    Now, maybe they’ve changed their mode of operation, but after the long run up for DCUO and, worse still, The Agency, I feel justified in expressing skepticism at the idea.

    We’ll see soon enough. But Smed was only saying a month back that they would have some announcements early this year about PlanetSide Next, followed by a beta.

    Frankly, I think this is EuroGamer totally misunderstanding what they were being told.


  4. redheadedtim

    I’ve seen DCUO ads on TV. Not sure if that constitutes whatever “TV Ad Campaign” Stabs think hasn’t happened. Perhaps there was talk of something more extensive than ads on tv? I don’t recall the channel off hand. Probably USA, Spike, CBS, or SyFy if I saw it recently.


  5. UnSubject

    SOE might have been talking on MMO sites about DCUO for a while, but they only gave 21 days notice on the actual launch date. During the Xmas break too, so it was easy to miss. Their TV campaign started the week before launch and their launch week sales don’t look that fantastic (somewhere around 300k – 400k across both platforms) very possibly due to this weak lead-up to launch.

    Regarding PS Next, I’m pretty sure it is going to be a graphical relaunch and mechanics tweak, not a ‘true’ sequel.


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