Can I Ride Here Please?

There are many places in Stormwind that are flagged so that you get removed from your mount should you ride into them.

For the most part, these locations are inside building.  You get removed from your mount when you ride into the auction house or the bank or any of the vendor store fronts.  That is fine.

But there is one place that I get removed from my mount that really bugs me.  This little stretch here in Stormwind.

No Mounts Allowed!

That little strip of real estate around the flight master in Stormwind.

And this drives me crazy for a few of reasons.

First, it is debatable that this is really an indoor location.  While it may be covered, it is otherwise pretty wide open to the elements.

Second, not only are there sample flying mounts standing around the area, there is also a riding master there who teaches all of the riding skills.

Third, I seem to use this flight point more than any other,  so I am yanked off my mount and forced to walk the last 20 yards to the flight master enough for this to really become a sore point with me.

That last items is aggravated by the fact that this seems to be the most aggressive of the “no ride zones.”  I can trot into the auction house and get the the auctioneer before my mount goes away.  Similarly, I can get pretty far into the bank.  But I’ll be damned if I can get more than two or three steps into this area before my mount is gone.  It is like they are trying to protect that wood paneling.

So Blizzard, can you help me out here?  Can you flag this area as available for mounts?

And while you’re at it, can you do the same for the spiral ramp in the middle of Thunder Bluff?

7 thoughts on “Can I Ride Here Please?

  1. P@tsh@t

    I hear you, but I’m more conflicted. As much as I hate the 20 yard crawl, what I really hate is the situation we had in Dalaran– peeps parked aft on their big ass Escalade/Hummer/Mammoth/Dragon mounts making it nearly impossible to actually click on the flight master.

    I think some small no mount zone around all flightmasters would be desirable. 5 yards should do it though, it doesn’t need to be a marathon.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I thought about that. But I believe you can actually hover your giant nether drake over the flight master if you want to be a horse’s ass. I’ll have to try that out, but I seem to recall that being the case.

    And we manage to live with that in Ironforge in any case, where you can ride or fly just about anywhere.


  3. Gallaria

    Yes, that 20 yards bugs me too. You’re on a roll and then Bam. I too agree with PotShot about the big-ass mounts getting in the way of the flight master in Dalaran. Also had problems with getting to Marcia Chase for the daily fishing quest there too – very annoying!


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