Cloak for a Snowy Day

In the face of the freezing weather facing much of the country, Turbine had a flash lottery yesterday with a storm theme and gave out nice and warm looking snowy cloaks.

I’m out here in California where it was a brisk 63 degrees yesterday, so of course I won the cloak.  Gotta keep warm!

Snowy Cloak Front

While only a cosmetic item (only?) it is a very nice looking cloak.

Snowy Cloak Back

As I was complaining a few months back, it still doesn’t look like a real cloak.  You couldn’t wrap it around yourself to keep warm.  Still, I am happy to have it in the collection.

I actually won two of these cloaks, which is a bit of overkill, since you can share cosmetic items among all of your characters via the wardrobe feature.

Maybe I should have a contest to give it away?  Who on the Firefoot server has the most pathetic cold weather tale?

3 thoughts on “Cloak for a Snowy Day

  1. Brian 'Psychochild' Green

    Forochel is my favorite zone in LotRO, actually. Something about the snowy, cold zones that really tickles me about it. One of my favorite memories of DAoC was going out to the frontier to one keep and seeing the sun raise over the snowy land.

    You might try selling the cloak on the AH. I got 2 gold for a extra Map-maker’s Travel Pack I won in a lotto the other day.


  2. coppertopper

    I dont know – seems like those lotto prizes are overkill. Goldstar of ‘A Casual Stroll to Mordor’ blog/podcast won 5 times last week (including two horse mounts!). The prizes arent fluff which really trivializes in game effort in some cases. Its one thing if you get a rare off a mob, but the shear volume of really extraordinary stuff gained from out of game and little effort is off-putting.


  3. Brian 'Psychochild' Green

    Eh, it seems to be feast or famine for the lottos. For every week I win 2 of something on my alts (like 2 of those Map-maker’s Travel Packs), there are weeks where I enter on a daily basis and win nothing. Could be that the Lotto’s random selection system isn’t quite as random as it might ideally be. And, while they offer horse mounts, there are also lottos that give you fireworks.

    I think it’s a cute little side-prize for people who check the community site. Really, not much different than getting a rare drop off a mob, except you can enter when you’re at work. ;)


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