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You Brought Me Here, Now Give Me The Damn Quest!

How do you pronounce Gnomeregan?

When I say it aloud, which is more often than you might guess, it comes out “No More Ray Gun.”

It is not as tough to pronounce as, say, Uosusuokko, but I always hesitate a moment before I say it. (I have never even attempted to say Uosusuokko aloud.)

And I had reason to say it this past weekend as the instance group was heading back to Gnomeregan.

We had a new plan.  In search of increased challenge, we were going to try to hit instances at the lowest level the Dungeon Finder.  After all, if you can DF into an instance, you should be cleared for all the quests therein, right?  That is only logical after all.

When we grouped up, we shook out as:

  • Xula – level 25 Gnome warrior
  • Earlthedog – level 25 Worgen warrior
  • Ethelred – level 26 Worgen druid
  • Maloney – level 26 Worgen mage
  • Nancyboy – level 26 Worgen priest

And Gnomeregan was the one instance on the Dungeon Finder list that we had not hit, so off we went.

Only when we got there we found that Xula and Earl, who were just shy of level 26, could not get the initial quest for the zone.  The only saw the dreaded gray exclamation point.

Those of us who were level 26 could get the quest however, and since Xula and Earl were close to level, we decided to just do some clearing of trash until they hit level.  Then we could run back and they could grab the quest.

Clearing Some Troggs

Soon enough, Xula and Earl hit 26.  At that point we found that we could simple share the initial quest.  I was not sure we could do that, as it looked like it came with a quest item, namely a parachute.

You no longer have to fight your way the long way down to the first boss.  You can simply jump over the edge about where we are in the above picture and float down to the Viscous Fallout.

Which is, of course, what we did.  We managed to land all over the place and there was a bit of a hectic fight as we each brought our own elite add to the party.  That was the most dramatic event for… well… most of the instance.

We then chased the Viscous Fallout around for a bit, as he is a wandering boss, until we finally chewed through most of his little helpers and caught him.

Engaging the Viscouse Fallout

He coughed up the Toxic Revenger blade, which went to Xula.

There is a quest turn-in near by, after which you begin the great yard trash clearing effort for which Gnomer is so rightly known.

Of the initial leg of that run, the only item of note is that there is still a bug that causes the gnomes to run around the outside of one of the pillars in the ring around the Electrocutioner 6000.

They Won't Go Through The Arch

We made our way around to the Electrocutioner 6000 after clearing out all the wrench throwing gnomes.

The Electrocutioner 6000

He did not put up much of a fight.  The most notable thing here was that, when he died, Maloney, Ethelred, and Nancyboy all leveled up to 27.

It was then just a clearing effort to get to Mekgineer Thermaplugg.

The Plug Abides

This is an event fight and you have to detail people to watch and disable the bomb chutes that surround Thermaplugg.

Maloney and Ethelred, the ranged DPS, each took one side of the chamber on bomb patrol, and the fight began.

And then it ended.

I think I only had to turn off one bomb chute, turning to hit Thermaplugg while I was waiting, and Ethelred might have had to turn off two.  But we burned down Thermaplugg so fast that not all the chutes came into play.

With Thermaplugg down, the achievement was ours and the instance was complete.

Thermaplugg Defeated

But the whole thing was quite a different experience from what we went through on our first run some four years ago.  Go back and look at all of the stuff I listed out before.  Entering through Dungeon Finder did not give us all of those external quests and so we never had to bother with Coke machines, punch cards, or essential artificials.

It was more akin to our run through the instance as a Horde group.  But it was even a bit abbreviated compared to that.

Gnomeregan “done,” we checked the Dungeon Finder and saw that the Graveyard instance in Scarlet Monastery had opened up to us.  With plenty of time left on the clock, we jumped on in.

And we were once again thwarted on the quest front.  While Dungeon Finder was happy enough to transport us to the dungeon, the quest giver did not find us worthy and we could not get the quest.

No Quest From Joseph

Joseph the Awakened was there and waiting for us, but only had the gray punctuation above his head. (Not visible in the picture due to the UI being turned off.)

Furthermore, the Graveyard, a short instance already, has been dialed back a bit more.  There are a few less trash mobs.  You’ll note that the entry hall where the quest giver now stands is almost completely devoid of any bad guys.  We ran through the instance so fast we were taking a victory shot before I remembered to take any screen shots.

Victory in the Graveyard

We’ll have to come back of course.  Not that we haven’t been there a lot already.  As Xula noted, it wasn’t even Hallow’s End and here we were.

The one confusing moment in the instance was when we finished off the main boss and did not get an achievement.  The Pavlovian response, “kill final boss, get pretty ding!” was interrupted!  It took a minute for us to remember that you have to do all four of the Scarlet Monastery instances to get the achievement.  But during that minute we tore around the instance looking for some hidden or rare boss that we might have missed.

Done so quickly, we decided to hit random and run through another instance just to get us all up to level 28.

The Dungeon Finder put us back in Gnomeregan.  There it was noted that we all had another parachute in our bags, so I guess that you just get one for going into the instance, no quest required.

We took the opportunity to look around for some of the side adventures that used to be a part of the instance.   We found, for example, that Emi Shortfuse was still there with the trogg tunnel event.  You can speak to her to run it and you get to kill troggs as before, finishing with Grubbis and Chomper.

After that we made our way down into the instance, eventually getting the whole group to 28 at about the time we hit the Electrocutioner 6000 again.  Xula got 28 on that fight, the last in the group to get the level, so we decided to stop there and call it a night.

Final Group Shot

Given where we stand on getting quests in instances, we might have to go out into the world and get a couple of levels before we head back to the Scarlet Monastery.