Boardwalking with Van Hemlock

Van Hemlock, a long time member of the Ancient Order of MMO Bloggers and once certifiably ‘leet, has lately contracted console madness. This has lead to drastic changes, such as the renaming of his blog to Consoling Gamers, where MMOs definitely come in third place, and of course yammering on about console gaming all the time, with his partner in crime Jon, on their podcast.

Once a symbol of quality MMO something or other

But Van Hemlock has not forsaken MMOs completely it seems.

He has recently started up a new series of MMO related posts called Boardwalking where he visits the forums of various MMOs and reports back on the key issues that seem to be driving discussions.

So far he has tackled the forums for:

This series of posts has been both interesting and amusing as he has stuck to his guns and reported on the top non-stickied issues in each of these forums.

Hopefully the intrepid Van Hemlock will keep up his Board Walkabout and continue to visit where most sane people fear to tread.