Daily Archives: February 5, 2011

No Appliance Left Unscaled

Since they arrived as kittens almost two years ago, Fred and Trixie have made it their business to try to get into every nook and cranny in our house.

You have to be careful when you close a closet or cabinet door, since one of them may have slipped past you while you were not paying attention.  I once closed a door on Trixie and she was stuck in the bottom shelf of one of our kitchen cabinets for about half an hour.

But one goal has eluded Trixie until recently, the top of the refrigerator.

She has actually been up there via my shoulder once, but she hasn’t been able to get up there on her own until recently.  Then, the other night, we found her up there.

The Fridge Is Mine!

The opportunity came about when my wife brought home a helicopter landing pad sized island for the kitchen.

It's big, it's heavy, it's wood!

This replaced a much smaller mid-kitchen cabinet and provided a launch point for Trixie’s attempt.

From left to right

In the picture above, you can see her launch and landing points.  Those two points describe the hypotenuse of a right triangle of approximately 60 inches in length.  Not an inconsiderable jump for a little 8 pound cat.

Once up there, one of her goals was to liberate some feathers we had hidden atop the fridge to keep them away from the cats.  Even now Fred is wrestling with one of those feathers in the hall.

Now, however, she has started to make herself at home up there.

I'll watch your calorie intake

Fortunately Fred, who is about double Trixie’s size in every dimension, hasn’t decided to follow her up there yet.

He remains content stuffing himself into things, many of which are too small for him.

The cat not yet out of the bag

Life with cats.

I’m still trying to get a picture of Fred opening the medicine cabinet in our bathroom to steal Q-tips.  He seems to need to get about one a day.