Truly the Official World of Warcraft Magazine!

They just had to ship four issues of the magazine within a year to live up to being a “quarterly” publication.

But here it is, a year and a month since I wrote about the first issue of the magazine (which is to say, some time after I received and read it) and that fourth issue is nowhere in sight.  Issue two showed up in May, and issue three just after BlizzCon back in October.  But now we’re in February.

And lest you think I misread the fine print, here is what you see when you go the magazine site to subscribe:

One year, four issues.

The site itself still shows the cover for issue three, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss issue four somehow.  They were all keen to get me to resubscribe a while back lest I miss an issue.  It looks like that was a bit of an exaggeration.

Who knew that when Future US took on the job of creating a WoW magazine that they would also adopt the Blizzard credo of slipping dates and shipping only when they were ready?

4 thoughts on “Truly the Official World of Warcraft Magazine!

  1. TheRemedy

    If they do this already then ignore my comment but if Blizzard truly wanted this magazine to succeed they’d hand out a unique pet to subscribers every year.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Oh yeah, putting a scratch off card in every, say, winter issue of the magazine for a unique companion pet would boost subscriptions dramatically.

    And a bunch of those cards would be up on eBay muy pronto. Not that that would be a bad thing.

    But, alas, the magazine is just reading material at this point.


  3. Moondah

    We subscribed to this mag. Will NOT be doing it again, just because it has been such a struggle to get them. Dont get me wrong the quality of the magazine is fantastic. The timing is horrible and content out dated by the time we receive an issue. We actually emailed about not receiving our mag and they replied that it is a quarterly magazine hence 3 issues???lol this made us laugh, either they made a typo or cant figure out that quarterly means 4.


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