LOTRO Flash Lottery – Everybody Wins!

Or so it seemed.

There was a Lord of the Rings Online flash lottery yesterday morning.  LOTRO Flash lotteries pop up in Twitter, if you’re following LOTRO, and have a very short duration, usually 30 minutes or less.

When I saw the tweet, I popped over to the LOTRO community site and entered all of my characters on Firefoot.  Those are the characters I actually play, unlike the ones on Windfola and Nimrodel.

And much to my surprise, they all won.

That is every character I have on Firefoot.

The community team at Turbine did have something to say about the higher than average rate of wins.

Still, every character I entered won.  That is some boost in the win rate.

How about you? Did you get in on that flash lottery?


I suppose I might mention what I won.  Some might find that relevant.

Each of my characters got between 50 and 300 silver and a package.

I’m not sure I’ve been gone long enough to need a welcome back, but I appreciate the thought.  The Welcome Back Pack contained:

Not bad for a lottery win.

6 thoughts on “LOTRO Flash Lottery – Everybody Wins!

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Aww, sorry man. But a good point. I was so excited by the fact that I won across the board that I didn’t bother to check what I had won. I’ll add that.


  2. Mbp

    Ha Wilhelm you are not half as lucky as me. Do you know those scratch away lottery cards you get in magazines and newspapers? Well I win every time, every single time! I must be luckiest person on the planet. I wonder why I am not rich yet though.


  3. coppertopper

    I just find the concept of giving something away thats supposed to be special in vast quantities (like a lottery, no matter the prize) completely lame. Its like over compensating, which is usually done to cover over a flaw.


  4. Brian 'Psychochild' Green

    Eh, I don’t agree, coppertopper. In general, I think having lottos is a fine way to distribute some wealth. It gives players who might not be able to get some items a bonus chance. I think I’d draw the line if there were some overt cost to enter the lotto, though.

    I will admit I’m not terribly fond of the flash lottos, though. They seem to be held at times when I’m not at my computer (often sleeping from a late night of work), and I don’t follow Twitter obsessively. Obviously, the Flash lottos are a way for them to get more followers on Twitter as a bragging right. I might not be overly upset, except for it seems the normal lottos have been slowing down from a few per day to a few every couple of days.

    One last tangent: bandages are lame. They took away the Champion’s sprint ability that would ignore run penalties, but now they sell an item to do that? Yeah, it’s obvious where the game balance is now.

    At any rate, congrats to Wilhelm despite my kvetching. :)


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