A Barbarian is Born

On the new Fippy Darkpaw progression server.  And not that other server… which is good, because I don’t have a picture handy for… Vulak’Aerr?

Just a kilt and a smile

And I was hardly alone.  Halas was overrun with barbarians.  Enough people seemed to have moved to Vulak’Aerr that I had no problem logging on, but the population was still high.

I nearly didn’t get out of Halas.  I have long since forgotten how to get out of water in EverQuest.

Should have waited for the ferry

I flailed around for a while as people swam up and got out of the water with no problem whatsoever.  Eventually I managed to get up on dry land.

Then it was time for the first victim!

Wooly Spider Time!

Unfortunately, the victim turned out to be me, as the spider took me down.  Oh the indignity.

Fortunately, among the things not included in the new progression servers is the old, day one death penalty.

So I was soon back on my feet and picking on goblins barely half my size.

Whelp, whelp, whelp

Another 50 or so of those and I’ll be level 2!

Ah, the joys of the old world.  Now to find out where all the people I know went.

10 thoughts on “A Barbarian is Born

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  2. Troy Christensen

    I too returned last night to the game that started it all. I started a necromancer gnome and fell, literally, into the same problem you had — water. After swimming around for 10 minutes, I was ready to call it quits. Luckily, a nearby soul helped me with the controls.

    It’s the same game I remembered, and much more! The question I am asking myself is, should I pay for a game I already played 10 years ago? Its great nostalgic fun, but do I really want to swagger through 20, 30, 40 levels of this stuff all over again?

    I am also concerned that Sony will undermine the gaming fun with opening up expansions for too quickly.


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  4. Khoram

    I just read your other nostalgia post where you mention the sounds. I too find the sounds in EQ probably the most nostalgic part. I love the sound of bags opening and closing, and money clinking. But my absolute favorite are the spell sounds and the particle effects (the “sparklies!”). Man I miss those. Those were so, so awesome. I’m mad that they updated the spell effects – they don’t look half as memorable as the original ones.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Khoram – Yes, some of the sounds just inspire a reverie of nostalgia. There is a night time wilderness sound clip that plays (or used to play) over in Faydwer that just makes it feel like 1999 when I hear it, even if the feeling is fleeting.

    @Troy – I found that Page Up does the trick, it points you upward and lets you get over the shore. I jumped in some water when Potshot got stuck in the pond in Qeynos and ended up underwater. The threat of drowning can inspire memories!

    There is supposed to be some sort of voting mechanism on when new expansions open up, presumably to keep one uber guild from speeding through the whole thing. How that will work out in the long run, we shall see.

    Personally, I think Kunark was the only good expansion, and I’m even torn on that. I’m voting no on everything… provided I am subscribed and allowed to vote.


  6. Beleg

    I’m also on Fippy as a dwarf cleric – a class/race combo that I have never played. Although I played EQ live from launch to loy, as well as eqemu in 2009-2010, playing an unfamiliar role is fresh and fun.

    Yes, I fell into the water first thing as well. One of my friends reminded me that first person view makes it trivial to hop out! Phew.


  7. missfruitypie

    Count me among those who fell into water (the pond in Qeynos) and had trouble getting out. We should form a support group.


  8. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Beleg – First person view! I forgot all about that for getting out of water!

    @MFP – Indeed, we should have an “I Fell in the Qeynos Pond” T-shirt or something.


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